A Silent Night for new Christmas albums

    It appears that the 2007 Jars of Clay, Josh Groban or Patti LaBelle Christmas albums purchased last year will see repeat play in many American households. Seasonal album sales are down by around 50% this year, according to Billboard.

    There have been less holiday releases in 2008 compared to previous years, and the economic recession and a general decline in music sales have all contributed to either a music-less or hackneyed musical selection this Christmas eve.

    The most popular new holiday release is Faith Hill’s  new contribution to the genre, Joy to the World, but even that album has already declined  to No. 17 on the Billboard 200 Chart in the week ended November 30.

    Of course, it’s a genre that is probably best avoided in general. Songs for Christmas, the 2006 release  by Sufjan Stevens is all you really need in your collection anyway.

    [Via LHB]