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A-ha Give Away Around A Million In The Name Of Music

Despite not having a single chart on the Billboard Hot 100 since 1986, it seems the vintage synth-poppers of a-ha still have quite a bit of money to throw around. They've ventured into the vast, labyrinthine castle that holds their "Take on Me" money and come out with four $156,000 grants, to be awarded to Norway's most talented (at least in a-ha's eyes) musicians. Unfortunately, the selection process has already begun, so if you were planning on moving your band to Norway for a much needed transfusion of cash (I'm looking at you, Ted Leo), you're out of luck. [Spinner]

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Not just the most talented in a-ha's eyes:
The final winners are chosen by online votes.


A-ha made most of its money outside of the US.
(many Yanks may not suspect it, but there's also a happening world outside of the States.......).
They have recorded 9 studio albums and sold some 35 million and the 1985 album ''Hunting High and Low'' featuring their only US hit ''Take On Me'' sold 8 million copies. So it an't all Take On Me money. Got it?


The winners (3 of them) is already chosen, amongst them is the fantastic Shining!


"Take on Me" money?? Sadly to say, but Prefix isn't very much updated on what happend in the a-ha history between 1985 and 2010... :-)

a-ha fan

Did not know there was such a rabid A-Ha fan base...


the name is early 2000s

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

At least you should look at wikipedia before you write about a-ha...They are more than just take on me..
Have a nice day


I had a good laugh now...this is USA thinking a-ha is Take On Me and thats it...well 9 studio albums - 85 millions sold records (album and singles) world record in -91 with 200.000 paying audience in Brazil - made a Bond song " Living Daylight " reach number 5 in the UK last year with their last album Foot Of The Mountain and so on...check them know living in the US does not mean you can not read stuff at the internett...a-ha rocks with the best voice in the world


Obviously the author of this note does not know anything about a-ha. I fully agree with Thomas' comment.


C'mon guys, this seems to be a young blogger's earnest attempt at reporting the riddim and beats as he sees them. Can't please all of da people all of da time. Am I right?


I realize my response is no longer timely (8 months late), but I have to jump in. I fully agree with the others that there IS a world outside the States! The USA is NOT the world's arbiter of taste or talent.

I respect Botswan's reminder for us not to take this too seriously, but no matter how "young" (or old) this writer Daniel Kolitz is, if he is truly an "earnest" blogger and responsible reporter, he would inform himself of his subject matter before mocking it. His strained attempt at sarcasm has succeeded only in showing his ignorance.

Many thanks to the stats already reported by Thomas and Nipitiri about a-ha. My frustration also goes beyond the writer's failure to research the band.

I know that Americans are NOT all ignorant people with limited vision. Unfortunately, it's partly because of attitudes like the one shown in this Prefix editorial that the stereotype exists. If you want Americans to be more highly respected internationally, why not help by validating culture beyond your own borders?

canadian a-ha perspective

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