A DJ Booth, Circa 1910?

    Check out the hook while my DJ turns it around in a circular fashion: the photo makes it look like Edwardians were spinning and mixing long before it hit the streets of New York, but that contraption is something more than a mere DJ booth.

    According to Dummy Mag, the “Chronopone” was used to broadcast music to large crowds of up to 4,000 people. Frenchman Leon Gaumont devised it in 1910 to be used in cinemas, where an uninterrupted soundtrack was needed. Since gramophone records could only hold a small amount of the music, Gaumont’s invention allowed for an operator to seamlessly switch between records on two different platters. Thus, movies could be made longer, and Edwardians could get down to such to such music hall classics as “The Mosquitos’ Parade.”