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A Bunch of Musical Stars on <i>30 Rock</i> Try to Get You to Donate a Kidney (Video)


Last night's 30 Rock featured a pretty funny throw away gag that takes aim at musical charity songs that feature a bunch of stars coming together for a single cause. The Beastie Boys, Talib Kweli, Elvis Costello, Sheryl Crow (who's the only one getting paid, she says), Steve Earle, a dude from Maroon 5, Michael McDonald, Clay Aiken, Mary J. Blige and others sing about donating kidneys becasue Jack Donaghy's dad needs one. Costello gets the most laughs (although the rapping interlude by Talib and the Beasties is pretty funny) talking in the middle of the song about how talking in the middle of a song makes it very important. Of course this kind of star power means it's season finale time, which leaves my Thursday nights wide open. [Idolator]

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Beastie Boys
Clay Aiken
Maroon 5
Mary J. Blige
Sheryl Crow
Steve Earle
Talib Kweli

Dude, how could you miss Moby? Also. was that Wyclef?

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