9th Wonder Explains Why ‘Ironman’ Is Ghostface Killah’s Best Album

    Sean Price shared his words on the long-debated argument of which Ghostface Killah album reigned supreme last week on the 12th anniversary of the release of Supreme Clientele, and being that a retort is the most proper thing, especially when it comes to Sean Price (watch one of his interviews if you need explaining), 9th Wonder stepped in to share his own thoughts.

    In an interview with Complex, 9th, while actually in the studio tying up Price’s Mic Tyson, dropped a manifesto on why Ironman is Ghostface’s best album. Here’s a few snippets:

    “Supreme Clientele is better then Ironman because Supreme Clientele was a collection of songs but not a full idea. It had great songs but it was a collection of songs. What made Ironman was that it was more of an idea—I found out who Ghostface was.”

    “Ironman sounded more like a pure Wu-Tang album. Supreme Clientele had JuJu from The Beatnuts and a lot of other producers contributing to Supreme Clientele—which again, were dope records. But Ironman sounded more like a classic, pure Wu album.”

    “But Ironman is the album that made Ghostface who he is. After that, “Triumph” came out and that’s when you started to see Ghostface’s style. You really didn’t get to understand and see Ghostface before that. He was the most stylish dude in the Wu and you didn’t get to really see that until Ironman and the “Triumph” video.”

    “What Sean Price was saying—that every album after Supreme Clientele is based on Supreme Clientele—might be true, but I don’t think it was on his own terms anymore. As opposed to Ironman, which was purely on his own terms.”

    There’s plenty more to it, so hit the jump over to Complex to catch the full deal.