8th Grade Band Seals $1.7 Million Record Deal With Sony

    While most 13-year-olds are still practicing guitar scales, three 8th grade youngsters of Unlocking the Truth have already sealed a deal with Sony. Comprised of guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse (13), bassist Alec Atkins (13), and drummer Jarad Dawkins (only 12!), the metal band scored a $1.7 million deal with Sony for two years. 

    The record deal secures two-albums with the possible option for four more. Also, it guarantees $60,000 for the tween’s first LP, and depending on how things go there is a possible $350,000 advance on their second LP. The band could possibly accure up to $1.7 million if Sony decides to follow through with the six-record contract. The catch? While the band will receive a great 16%-17% in royalties, that only kicks in once the band sells 250,000 copies. 

    Starting out busking along the streets of Times Square, the band eventually took the attention of Steve Jordan, drummer for Eric Clapton, at their performance in Washington Square Park. After that the band served as an opener for Guns N’ Roses, performed at Warped Tour, and even scored an opening slot at Coachella’s main stage. Catch a part of their performance at Coachella below.