88-Keys To Drop Locksmith Music Comp Tomorrow

    Long Island’s 88-Keys–the man behind “No Church in the Wild”– is dropping new music tomorrow, Dec. 1. The release, while celebreating 88’s recently minted Locksmith Music, will feature five artists the rapper/producer first encountered via Twitter. The Alchemist, Buckwild, Q-Tip, Hi-Tek and DJ Premier all contribute instrumentals; 88, Little Vic, Tre DeJean, Robert Atkins III, Nemo Achida and Mann95 all take on rhyming duties. The track list for 88-Keys Presents…Locksmith Music is below, and its cover art is to the left.

    1. 88-Keys: NutraSweet Noise (Intro) (prod. 88-Keys)
    2. Nemo Achida: Memories (prod. Nemo Achida & Clutch)
    3. Mann95: In This World (Freestyle) (prod. Hi-Tek)
    4. Little Vic: This Means War Freestyle (prod. DJ Premier)
    5. Robert Akins III: Money Freestyle (prod. EZ Elpee)
    6. ??: Deep In My Heart [Snippet]*
    7. 88-Keys: Bright-Ass Yacht BiyOtch (Intermission) (prod. 88-Keys)
    8. Tre DeJean: Awesome (prod. Canya Reial)
    9. Mann95: Aromatherapy (prod. Mark Angel)
    10. Little Vic: History Is Written (prod. Buckwild)
    11. Tre DeJean: Youthful Expression Freestyle (prod. Q-Tip)
    12. Robert Akins III: Us & Them (prod. Robert Akins III)
    13. Nemo Achida: Does It Need A Title pt.2 (prod. The Alchemist)
    14. 88-Keys: English Muffins (Outro) (prod. 88-Keys)

    * More on 88-Keys singer/songwriter credited as “?” later once the paperwork is done.