DJ Hi-Tek guest blogs @ this week

    This is a true blog-recognize-blog moment. After some good (, Mistah FAB) and not so good (Lupe Fiasco, DJ Drama) moments on the XXL celebrity guest blog, DJ Hi-Tek has come through to drop some insight without the shameless plugs and BET-esque moments of ignorance. Today he blogged about what it was like to hang out and conduct a radio interview with Marley Marl, one of his main musical influences.
    There are no tales of shootouts outside the radio station or beefs carried out over the phone. Just a guy (albeit a super-producer) providing readers with a window into his life. If the rest of the entries are as real and entertaining as this, they should be a good read for the rest of the week.
    And since he has refrained from doing so, I’m here to tell you that Hi-Teknology 2 is dropping on October 17th. You need to get that. And hear this…
    Hi-Tek f/ Ghostface – Josephine (From Hi-Teknology 2)