70 Percent Of Music Piracy Happens Offline

    While the Feds continue to ferret out peer-to-peer networks and other online piracy sites, they may have something of a bigger problem on their hands. According to an RIAA presentation by NPD Group–leaked to TorrentFreak, ironically enough–most music piracy is done offline.

    In 2011, 65 percent of music was acquired through unpaid means, but the vast majority of that didn’t come from online. Instead, 46 percent of that 65 percent–equalling 70 percent of all music piracy–came from “burning/ripping from others” and “hard drive trading.” Those activities are illegal, but conceivably impossible to shut down (remember watermarked CDs?).

    In addition, the data shows that P2P accounts for 23 percent of all music piracy (15 percent of the 65 percent acquired through unpaid means). This certainly doesn’t bode well for RIAA’s case against piracy–how are they supposed to police it when so much of illegal sharing takes place away from computer screens? [Digital Music News]