$675K Fine For Sharing 30 Songs: Judge Says It Isn’t ‘Obviously Unreasonable’

    Poor Joel Tenenbaum. The Boston University graduate student was caught illegally sharing thirty songs and forced to pay a $675,000 fine to the RIAA back in 2009. Ah, but Tenenbaum fought the egregious sentence and got it reduced down by a factor of ten to $67,500–only to have the original fine reinstated recently by US District Judge Rya W. Zobel.

    Judge Zobel denied Tenenbaum’s request for a new jury trial as well, stating the original jury got it right when they required Tenebaum to pay $22,500 per song, which apparently is on the low end of “spectrum for willful infringement” but still well below the $30,000 per song for non-willful infringement. The judge also thought the original ruling isn’t “obviously unreasonable.” Might we point her honor to our wonderful list? [The Verge]