50 Worst Album Covers Of 2012 According To Fact

    “Best of” lists. That wonderful time of year when music critics from all walks of life come together to praise the same 10 albums and inadvertently forget that a few dozen others were released at the same time. Did a new Bon Iver record come out? Incidentally, for every five “best of” lists there are about a billion “worst of” lists to counteract all that goodwill towards men.

    FACT is a bit ahead of the game with their “50 Worst Record Sleeves of 2012,” but we won’t hold that against them, as their list proves both comprehensive and mildly disturbing, which makes for excellent entertainment. Equally absurd is the number of musicians that used what appears to be an antiquated version of Photoshop to create their album designs. Nice “invert filter,” Ariel Pink.

    Of course, the folks at FACT are not all Grinch’s and they followed their “worst of” list with the “50 Best Record Sleeves of 2012.” For some schools of thought, the new year marks a clean slate–another 12 months to “get it right”–and that’s a lot of months to, perhaps, learn another Photoshop tool or even hire a professional graphic designer who has a legitimate portfolio that doesn’t contain only mock-ups for optical illusion posters.

    What do you think? Did they hit the nail on the head? Are they missing any? Is Akufen clinically insane?

    [The Daily Swarm via FACT]