50 Cent’s Connecticut Mansion Is Up For Sale, Take A Look

    50 Cent, who may be looking to get rid of his assets should the SEC start looking into how he artificially inflated the price of a bunch of stock he owns via Twitter, has placed his Farmington, Conn., mansion on the market. Or maybe, after the break-in in December, 50’s starting to think his hood is turning a little shady, in which case expect him to take up residence in Luxembourg pretty soon. But either way, Fiddy’s moving, which means a fancy real estate company is advertising pictures of the house online. Let’s take a look!

    The mansion is really like a huge condo complex, with 25 bathrooms, 20 bedrooms and a two-floor master bedroom. It’s got a three-story atrium, theatre, club area (there’s a stage and everything), game room with two pool tables, a helicopter pad, a gym, three kitchens, an indoor and outdoor basketball court, an indoor and outdoor pool and a pond house. Taking a virtual tour of this place is like an episode of Cribs, except without the bad special effects and the homeowner as tour guide. Instead, we can look around and marvel at how incredibly rich 50 Cent is. The tour also comes complete with some inoffensive elevator piano music, just how 50 would want it.

    Oh, and there’s a bidet in the master bathroom, because my image of 50 Cent is made a million times greater by knowing that he has a bidet in his bathroom.

    [Rap Radar]