50 Cent Thinks Hip-Hop Culture Is “Confused”

    I recently watched the “In Da Club” video again for the first time since probably 2005. It was almost uncanny seeing 50 Cent when he was ruling the world, a lot has changed in a few years. But according to Fiddy, he didn’t change, the game did.

    “The whole [hip-hop] culture, I think, is a little…confused. It’s not what I fell in love with, you know?” He says in an interview with XXL. “We’re creating synthetic heat for new artists to generate interest and revenue. So the sales is some shit that ain’t really hot. But there’s some shit that’s organic that’s out there that you see, like, without record-company assistance. People are gravitating to it.”

    When the interviewer brought up Lil Wayne, Mr. Curtis James Jackson said “He’s turning into 50 Cent. He’s going through that process of being successful, ’til people go, ‘You know what? Get the fuck outta here. We don’t want you here no more.’ Because you’re successful.”

    To me it sounds like the ramblings of a rapper who can’t quite come to terms with his fall from commercial fervor, but maybe there’s more to it than I’m willing to offer. Do we have any 50 Cent sympathizers in the comment box? [RealTalkNY]