50 Cent Squashes Capital Records Rumors, Calls Diddy A Bitch

    A few days ago, there were rumors floating around that 50 Cent, with only a greatest hits album left on his Interscope contract, might be the rap game’s big free agent, able to command a huge contract from potential suitors. Andrew Winistorfer put it best, calling 50 “music’s version of LeBron James.” Craig Davis of Capitol Records went so far as to claim that 50, Tony Yayo, and Lloyd Banks had actually made a deal to come over to Capitol.


    50 himself, though, squashed those rumors, calling Davis an “idiot” and claiming Capitol’s promotions director was “drunk or some shit.” The rapper also said that he was most interested in resigning with Interscope, given his success with the label. So, 50 is really more like Atlanta Hawks guard Joe Johnson, who just resigned with the team that made him famous.


    Dude is also embroiled in some beef with Interscope labelmate Sean “Diddy” Combs. At Diddy’s BET Awards performance, Combs may or may not have called 50 Cent an “ass crab.” In presumed response, 50 stated that Combs “is like a bitch. He always wants to be the hot bitch in the group.” Which, if you’re keeping score, means 50 isn’t LeBron James, but may be Joe Johnson, and Diddy is Heidi Montag. [Hip Hop DX]