50 Cent says Jay-Z was unknown until marriage to Beyonce

    50 Cent’s music career may not be what it once was, what with his getting schooled by Kanye West and whatnot, but the man remains a quoting machine. After making the bold prediction that he would reinvent the hip-hop wheel with his next album, the sometime actor and Vitamin Water spokesman now says that Jay-Z was largely unknown internationally until his marriage to Beyonce. He went on to add that he questions estimates of Jay-Z’s monetary worth, but that "he’s not in a race" with anybody in the hip-hop community. Though the two have a small history of back and forth barbs that dates back to Jay-Z goofing on 50 Cent’s "How To Rob," something tells me that this one should be filed in the "any publicity is good publicity" category. [Hip Hop DX]