50 Cent Says He’ll Release Two Albums This Year (Video)


    50 Cent’s ever-upcoming Before I Self Destruct has almost had as many release dates as Dr. Dre’s Detox at this point. But in an interview with MTV, 50 claims that not only is that album going to come out this year (probably June, after Eminem’s Relapse), but that he has another album in the can that is in the mixing process, and which will be out this year, right after Eminem’s reported second 2009 release. Of course, 50 Cent has been known to blow some smoke in the past, and given the fact that he talked ad nauseum about how Before was going to be out in December and be a huge seller and the proceeded to push it back to a date undetermined, this is highly speculative. And I wonder if two albums will be enough for him to reclaim his position in the rap world.  [Nahright]