50 Cent Really Signing Jersey Shore Dude To G-Unit

    It’s official you guys: 50 Cent no longer cares about his music career, or his label, G-Unit. According to XXL, and a variety of other sources, 50 is actually going through with signing Jersey Shore‘s DJ Pauly D to a three-album deal on G-Unit, which will include his own branded headphones (that last bit according to Pauly). This confirms reports from a few months ago, as Pauly D has officially confirmed the contract talks and everything.  


    This is nuts though: this would be like Kanye signing William Hung to G.O.O.D. Music in 2004, or that old frumpy lady from that one reality show getting a real record contract (oh wait). But still: How many people will really be interested in purchasing an album of DJ tracks by a dude from a terrible reality show people only like ironically? Probably more than Tony Yayo, in all honesty (ZING!). [XXL