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50 Cent pushes back <i>Before I Self-Destruct</i> till 2009

Apparently realizing his album, Before I Self-Destruct, had no chance to do brisk business at its original December 9 release date (what with having to compete against Ludacris, Kanye, Lil Wayne’s revamped Tha Carter III, and Akon), 50 Cent has opted to push the album back until “early 2009.” 50 is claiming the album isn’t done, but more than likely he fears getting crushed due to lack of singles like what happened with his last album. 50 is also adding a 90 minute movie version of the album, and a documentary about Jam Master Jay. When a rapper has to reduce himself to including two movies on an album, you know his album is in trouble. [Nahright]
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50 Cent

I'm sure 50's two remaining fans are totally dissapointed.


50cent your song is hot youlbe allways my favorite raper


50 is the sh*t get off his dick!


u guys are just hating on a nigga 50 noes how to make gud music.yall r just hatin bcos ur broke nd he's rich. f**k u haters!

ty bell

f*** all you haters.

I am pissed that It's not coming out next week.. but sh*t its going to be worth the wait.

You know 50 has f**kin 100x more material than most rappers out there..

Kanye is a b*tch and makes music for girls.
Ludacris has never been the same since "word ouf mouf"

I give a lil propz to Lil Wayne... but half the sh*t he says doesn't make sense.. he just has a good flow.

50 makes sense and has a sick f**kin flow...

did I mention... Em and Dre are working on his album you dumb hating f**kers.

2009 the year of Shady/Aftermath

50 Cent
Dr. Dre.

WTF is bigger than that???? NOTHING!


For the haters all I have to say is 50 cent is still makin good music better than half of what's being peddled in streets now T.O.S rang a bell that was a real album not a mixtape and his mixtapes only get better


50s better than wayne than buckthan game than jay than all the haters is album are more interested


Let me say this...50 is is one of the most exciting artist in the history of rap. What he has accomplished in a short period since his signing with Dre and Em let alone should speak for itself. He has excelled pass ur top rappers in record sales and in the business world, the man doing his thing. Anticipation is definetly building more now that he pushed his album back, and I can't wait for it to drop


bling like blah you like my stlye ha ha im headed to da bank right now ggggggggggggunit u puss ass niggaz


ya right , fukk you little kids, 50 is crap.... quit ridding his dikk and listen to what real rap is, the underground real shyt, fukk this pop-hop and ringtone rap shyt


50 cent made Hip hop, without him it would be rap...50 cent comes hard on every track...even if the beat is are are somefolks going to say 50 cent suck when he is one of richest celeb/rapper out in the game today...and EVERYONE KNOWS EVERY 50 CENT MUSIC VIDEO THAT COMES OUT IS GOING TO BE WATCHED even as much as somebody hates 50 but to me he is the THRUTH no matter what


yeah man 50's the sh*t, i don't what all you talken about he actauly spits real sh*t and doesn't go along with all them other fagget rapper and put on some fake ass act and thats why you all hate him, and if for those people that have actauly listen to alot of his underground sh*t its better than lil wayne and f*cken kaynes f*ck sad excuise for rap. the only reason they have hits is because of there beats and they don't even make that sh*t themselves when it comes down to it, MONEY and SUCCESS bring FAGGET ASS HATERS

keego123 bitch

no ones gonna care about this pathetic excuse for an album cause better bands are releasing albums. e.g green day, blink 182, lamb of god.

50 cent is a fake anyway

50 cent fans = fu Cktards

i gave my respect to 50 when he was in his know, it comes with in da club and many men etc.but then he made only s..t.i danou what's gona be in his next album but i really look forward to that hoping some serious will come out of his mouth


Thats not the reason why 50 pushed his album releas date back! The reason is because in December his MTV show, The Money and the Power, aired and that pushed back the realease date. Then it was pushed back even further because of the G-Unit's new video game and because of a movie 50 Cent is featuring in. This is called doing buisness and 50 loves getting money so he will do everything he can to make the most money that he can so thats why he did all of this + his album Before I Self Destruct will be hot! itll sell millions, no, BILLIONS!
i heard the release date is supposed to be June 9th, 2009


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