50 Cent On ‘The View,’ Because Of Course (Video)


    Back when 50 Cent first came on the scene with “In Da Club” in 2003, I remember an interview with 50 Cent on MTV where he showed Sway (or whoever was covering hip-hop back then) how he had a bulletproof car because he could be killed at any time. Now there’s this: His interview with the yakking ladies on The View. I guess maybe I feel duped for believing he was really that much in trouble back then. If I had known he’d be on The View talking about his movie roles, getting screamed at for taking his coat off, and chopping it up with Elizabeth fucking Hasselbeck, I wouldn’t have thought he was that cool back in ’03. But then again, every mainstream rapper is sort of this lame right now. Even Hova was on Oprah.