Video: 50 Cent on the set of “I Still Will”

    On the set of his latest video, “I Still Will,” MTV caught up with 50 Cent to ask him about, among other things, the rationale behind the changing of the song’s original title, “I’ll Still Kill.” His answer, at the 50 second mark, highlights the rapper’s eery ability to say exactly what the intelligent, level headed, business minded hip hop fan would say. [more:]Also, his rant shows that 50 may have something other rappers just don’t get: A sense of humor about the industry.
    Is he manipulative in the way he engineers his publicity? Sure, but there’s no denying that part of 50’s incredible popularity is owed to the fact that he combines his thugged out image with a savvy, and even, dare we say, self effacement that is missing in rap. I, for one, am glad that Curtis isn’t really his last solo effort (he has retracted his promise to retire if outsold by Kanye). Otherwise I’d have one less rapper whose interviews I can tolerate.