Video: 50 Cent and KRS-One are BFF

    A nation of “hip hop heads” probably had a heart attack after watching this video of Curtis interviewing The Teacha on Rap City. The video did remind me of the days when 50 brought the heat. I remember copping all sorts of 50 mixtapes before Get Rich or Die Trying dropped, which I do consider to be a hip hop classic. Even The Massacre which a lot of “hip hop heads” view as garbage had some joints. Things didn’t get real dicey until 50’s upcoming album, so far what’s leaked has been mediocre at best. Anyways, none of this probably matters to 50 if really did own 10% of Vitamin Water. You can just call him the $400 million dollar man.
    Video: Marley Marl and KRS-One in the Booth
    Video: 50 Cent interviewing Marley Marl, KRS-One