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50 Cent is a Cop Lover

[Via: Nah Right]
What is happening in the world? More specifically, what is happening to G-Unit? Young Buck tries to stab a man with a fork, ex-soldier The Game might have been a gay stripper, and now 50 Cent gets pulled over for making an illegal lane change? I'm starting to think that G-Unit are a bunch of posers. You could point out that he was cuffed and brought down to the precinct because a sizeable crowd was forming around the man and his Lamborghini, or that he was possibly profiled by the notoriously greasy NYPD (unlike many, 9/11 has not changed my overall opinion about those bastards.). But the larger issue at hand is that 50 went out like a soft little bitch and complied with the police.
Fiddy is an idol for middle class, suburban thugs everywhere and he went down with minimal resistance. New York's shadiest didn't even have to pull out their glocks, rodney king sticks, nooses, or plant a bag of coke on F-50 to make him assume the position. If Mr. Cent were the thug he claims to be, he wouldn't have even pulled over. Or maybe he would have pulled over, but only to smash his open bottle of Cristal over the officer's head and put out his blunt in the officer's eye. He would have received extra street cred if the bottle was full, because it would show that he blows through Crissy like its water. But he didn't. He gave into The Man like a little schoolgirl. 50 gets the gas face from me.
[Source: Nah Right]
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50 Cent

What's Fiddy suppose to do? Start shooting at cops with 100 witnesses? Not that he would shoot them with no witnesses at this point. I think Yayo is suppose to be the one doing the dirty work. I think the bigger story is how messed up it is for the police to pull over Ferrari F-50 over a lane change. What's with that?

Dave Park

fiddy is a fake doods. 10 miliion dolla batmizva, AM I RIGHT


He's not even trying any more. It's like he has a quota to fill and just said, screw it, I'll drive a little recklessly without my license. Or papers or whatever. Sad.Was the crowd actually booing?

Eric Solomon

The hatred for Fiddy amongst you guys is obscene. They're booing because it's ridiculous that he's getting arrested for nothing.

Dave Park

50 singing "go shorty its your bat mitzvah" to a war profiteer's spoiled daughter. just sayin'


50 and his questionable political alliances is a different topic

dave park

how about 50 and his questionable musical alliances?

Adrian Covert

I don't think his musical alliances are any worse than most big rap stars. Who were you thinking of Adrian?

Dave Park

50 cent or fiddy is soft and everyone thinks he is sooo hard hes not hes a punk ass fuckin pig and people think hes hard game already fucked his ass up and told the world how he was a cops but really if u think about it, it all makes scence where is all his "meetings" at the oval office. did u see thoses pigs that arrested him thoses obvisley wernt regular cops they were some sort of fbi agents and made up some bull shit excuse saying some shit bout a lane change. fuck fiddy hes soft so is g-unit the onle cold ma fuckas out of g-unit are game,young buck, yayo, and banks. the rest are pussies. and if fiddy ever wanted to be a real artist mabey he should have eminem and dre stop making his beats the only thing he does is read what eminem wrights and puts it on the beats dre makes. fuck fiddy.


I still dont understand why they arrested him. But i agree, he didn't show any kind of restraint, what a bitch. ONe minute you makin videos of yourself flashin macs, nines, and aks's then the next minute you complien wit the police. The dudes a clown.(not a good look 4 curtis)


yea but look if 50 did get his gun out start shootin at dem then he would lose his career u dumb ****!!!!!!!!! it was right for 50 to pulled over if he didnt den he wouldnt be out there doin his thang u ****

50 cent is tha best rapper

hey this is fifty, im guna shoot u punk asses talkin bout meYAYO yayo y a y o

curtis jackson

curtis this is andrew,you are curretnly behind on your studies activity worksheet 3 needs to be submittedif this continues i will have no further option but to contact your parentsAndrew Dowson

Andrew Dowson


Adrian Covert

oh snap! Curtis is late on his homework!

Dave Park

Yo fiddy an't appose to do the dirty work shoot out them ***************************** but e'm **** in the pin by the sewer noseass cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!U know who wass suppose to do all that he's ***** loydbanks youngbuck tony yayo are what else they good for man they need to stand out for the DON fiddy more often.This **** tonyyayo youngbuck,loydbanks not getting piad just to rap man they need to expand there thuggish way's and show the ******** police what G-UNIT IS ABOUT later!! 1 (SWSBG)FOR LIFE)


you are offically the dumbest f--king idiot i have ever met in my life buddy, this nigga is famous wats he guna do hop out the car shoot up a cop. hes got a rep to keep my nigga


50 is every gay mans fantasy. a coco buttered over macho violent chunk of choco muscle who is really just i right boys mmmmmmmmmm



boff dogg

ppl are so retarded, he's an ENTERTAINER, he speaks what most ppl live, not what he lives, he cant, he becomes an american idol, he has to show some respect to authority. HE IS NOT A GANGSTA, HES AN ENTERTAINER, and therefore acts like one. Plus, you expect him making a scene in front of so many ppl?? that would cost him millions, those pigs would rip for everything they can get! thats why most of you wont ever be famous, cuz ur too retarded to understand what it means to have that fame n power...


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