50 Cent is a Cop Lover

    [Via: Nah Right]
    What is happening in the world? More specifically, what is happening to G-Unit? Young Buck tries to stab a man with a fork, ex-soldier The Game might have been a gay stripper, and now 50 Cent gets pulled over for making an illegal lane change? I’m starting to think that G-Unit are a bunch of posers. You could point out that he was cuffed and brought down to the precinct because a sizeable crowd was forming around the man and his Lamborghini, or that he was possibly profiled by the notoriously greasy NYPD (unlike many, 9/11 has not changed my overall opinion about those bastards.). But the larger issue at hand is that 50 went out like a soft little bitch and complied with the police.
    Fiddy is an idol for middle class, suburban thugs everywhere and he went down with minimal resistance. New York’s shadiest didn’t even have to pull out their glocks, rodney king sticks, nooses, or plant a bag of coke on F-50 to make him assume the position. If Mr. Cent were the thug he claims to be, he wouldn’t have even pulled over. Or maybe he would have pulled over, but only to smash his open bottle of Cristal over the officer’s head and put out his blunt in the officer’s eye. He would have received extra street cred if the bottle was full, because it would show that he blows through Crissy like its water. But he didn’t. He gave into The Man like a little schoolgirl. 50 gets the gas face from me.
    [Source: Nah Right]