50 Cent Claims Copyright Infringement Case Against Him Is Bogus

    When you claim a rapper stole your song, make sure you still own the song in the first place. That’s the claim 50 Cent is making in court regarding a ’70s song he sampled in his 2009 track “Redrum,” which he made available for free online.

    Robert Poindexter filed suit against 50, claiming he improperly used a song of his—”Love Gonna Pack Up And Walk Out” by the Persuaders, a band of which Poindexter was a member—and now 50 has filed court documents stating that Poindexter signed the rights to the song over to Warner Music Group, meaning he has no legal control over the song and thus no right to file the suit. Will WMG sue 50 for violating copyright laws now? Who knows. Either way, this is the most excitement a mellow ’70s jam has seen since James Taylor’s “Your Smiling Face” found its way onto a Girl Talk song. [TMZ]