50 Cent readies next album ‘Before I Self Destruct’

    50 Cent revealed to MTV that the title of his next album will be Before I Self Destruct. Ferrari F-50’s detractors I’m sure would love to see the G-Unit head honcho self-destruct, but that’s probably not going to happen despite him saying “it could potentially happen.”
    Not too many details were revealed by Fiddy, but he says he’s recently been inspired by Motown artists and he already has Rich Harrison on board. He also talks about the expectations to sell a zillion records given his last two records sold 11 million and 9.5 million respectively.

    “I show more vulnerability on this record than on others,” 50 said. “I’m in a space where I can experiment a little bit. I mean, I felt a lot of pressure between each one of my projects. And they don’t say, ‘Do you think 50 can make a good record?’ They say, ‘Do you think he can do it again?’ And that means [if I will] have the same success as I’ve had on each one of those projects. They don’t care whether the state of the music business is changing; they’ll say I’ve failed if I don’t do what I did on the first two projects.”
    And, as 50 noted, that’s no easy task.
    “So 11 million records on my first album and 9.5 on my second album,” he continued. “And when I’m getting ready to go into this project, considering that Apple is selling millions of iPods and Microsoft is coming out with competing products and Sony ” everybody has something that encourages people to download material instead of purchasing the actual CD. The general public will still take advantage of it and say that I’m becoming less of an artist.”