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50 Cent readies next album 'Before I Self Destruct'

50 Cent revealed to MTV that the title of his next album will be Before I Self Destruct. Ferrari F-50's detractors I'm sure would love to see the G-Unit head honcho self-destruct, but that's probably not going to happen despite him saying "it could potentially happen."
Not too many details were revealed by Fiddy, but he says he's recently been inspired by Motown artists and he already has Rich Harrison on board. He also talks about the expectations to sell a zillion records given his last two records sold 11 million and 9.5 million respectively.
"I show more vulnerability on this record than on others," 50 said. "I'm in a space where I can experiment a little bit. I mean, I felt a lot of pressure between each one of my projects. And they don't say, 'Do you think 50 can make a good record?' They say, 'Do you think he can do it again?' And that means [if I will] have the same success as I've had on each one of those projects. They don't care whether the state of the music business is changing; they'll say I've failed if I don't do what I did on the first two projects."
And, as 50 noted, that's no easy task.
"So 11 million records on my first album and 9.5 on my second album," he continued. "And when I'm getting ready to go into this project, considering that Apple is selling millions of iPods and Microsoft is coming out with competing products and Sony '' everybody has something that encourages people to download material instead of purchasing the actual CD. The general public will still take advantage of it and say that I'm becoming less of an artist."
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50 Cent
Album Announcement

fuck 50 cent wack ass fucker kiss my ass u bitch


fuck u bitches hatin on fiddy. fiddy is hip hop motherfucka and trust me he's always gangsta than all the rappers includin fagot ass tha game. I mean let's be honest bout 50 cent gangsta, how his life was when he was young. Fifty has survived everything his childhood and the nines. Fiddy ya tha real g a live in america hip hop industry. g-unit gunit for life suckas

g unit

People Hate 50 coz he is reported as one of the best. Mainly because he breaks boundaries in hip hop. They Don't understand music wouldn't be what it is today if composers didn't break boundaries. Some of the greatest composers broke boundaries. And 50 has done the same, but with hip hop. My respect goes out to 50 all the way... Keep doing your thing man break boudries they way you doing, nobody does it like 50. They try but never suceed, the way he does... G UNIT...


Yeah Homie, do ya thangz. U don't need that westside gangstas bitches. I mean especially The Game. He's a dumbass motherfucker who always keeps increasing his stupid jealousy about how you 're more richer than him. So man, when it comes to beef, don't ignore it dogg. response as soon as u can, cos that fagots beefin with u, think ur nothin in beefing. fuck u haters. g unit in da hood mothefucker


The game ruuules G-G-G-G-UNOOOT




i dont like 50 cent cuz i think he sold out to money. i mean look at where he started...he was a straight dealer from the hood. southside queens is really hard to get out of like 50 did cuz once you get into that crack game it pulls you in further. everything 50 did on columbia records was great. it was hardcore gangster shit. now he sold out just like he said about ja rule. get rich or die tryin was okay because it still nodded to the streets. but massace...that shit was shit. how a nigga from tha hood goin to rap about a candy shop and expect to stay true to his hood? man, i just hope 50s next record is more street-feel even if it doesnt sell the same shit as the other two. i guess 50s first two records got him outta the hood. now hes well off and hes gotta get back to the lyricist he was love.


50 Cent falling off hard. If he dropped an album right now it wouldn't sell at all.. Nas is going to run things this December's with hip hop is dead.... thats why he gotta push his shit back till fall... before he self


do ya shit nigga... and do a CD hardcore like get rich or die tryin' the first or like power of the dollar because its true that the massacre was not a gangsta CD but do ya shit dont be afraid of NAS or JA RULE or GAME OR JADAKISS or FAT JOE cuz they suck i will by yur CDPeace 50... GGGGGG-Unit

50.. tha one... the best

Hey you all fifty fans.Fifty is just a motherfuckin baby.He aint a gangsta.When he was shot 9 times he cried.Now he still swagger about his 9 bullets.Do you know a mobster called Carmine Persico? He was shot 20 times.But he doesnt even care about his bullets.And he doesnt swagger about his 20 bullets like fifty. Cuz he is a real gangster.If you dont believe me about carmine persico's 20 bullet wounds then you could just ascertain facts on wikipedia.Its absolutely true.Real gangsters dont swagger about their bullet wounds!!! Referring to fiftys The Massacre.This LP was awful.Get rich or Die tryin was 100 thousand times better.You read about the customers on were a lot of them who know many many people who just wanted their money back after they bought his LP The Massacre.But it wasnt possible.Fuck fifty...This wannabe braggart


The Game wud hv gt no where if he neva joind G-UNIT evry1 thinks games all dat his fuckin shit and was a two faced fucker 2 50

50 is real mothefukaz

heard the new game yet? i happened to download it on accident. this guy has no talent, he names dr. dre in every song, talk about trying to ride coat tails. he has no shame, dre had nothing to do with his second album and yet game still kisses his ass! embarassing.

keeping it real

mehn, i don't really now wat o bitches wnat from 50, i mean why do u ve to deny a talent when u can see it's really cumin. talkin abt he keeps shoutin abt been shot five times. pac was shot five times nd he talks abt it in records, game does. but keep ur eyes on fifty. who cares get ur cash fifty nd let them bitches playa h8. cuz dats all they can do. gggggggg-unit


@keeping it real: I dont give a fuck about the game and his new album.I just want make clear that fifty cent aint a gangster and never was a gangster.Real gangsters dont swagger about their bullet wounds and besides they dont cry like babys like this fuckin baby fifty.Carmine persico doesnt care about his 20 bullet wounds cuz he is a real gangster in contrast to fuckin girly fifty.And he even doesnt swagger about that.You know thatpassage in fifty film get rich or die tryin when he says: Im a gangster, I'm a rapper,I'm a gangster-rapper.This is embarssing.Fifty is an idiot!He was never a gangster. Real gangsters would shoot fifty to death.You know the mobster "The chin"? He knows how to kill peple fast wothout leaving traces of murders.He would shoot fifty,then bury him and then nobody would have ever known that there ever exist a person called the wannabe gangster fifty cent...I'm not a the game fan!I just hate persons who pretend to be gangsters wothout even knowing how real gangsters behave!Fuck FIFTY!!!!!!!!


Man fuck you shane. You don't know what the fuck you talkin bout. Why dont you run o on over there to southside queens talkin that shit. Some people don't like 50 cuz they aint never gon be like 50. The others that do like 50 have respect for all that he went through, drug dealin, parents dead at 8 years old, shot 9 times and left for dead. shit like that. Now when you have been through all that shit, then you can talk about 50. But, until that happens, shut the fuck up you punk ass bitch. Don't even know what the fuck you talking bout. The Chin only killed like 20 people. Think about how many people kill 20 people in a day like Crips and Bloods. They lay motherfuckers out on the fuckin floor and dont give a fuck if anyone finds out there dead. Real gangstas dont give a fuck. Diesel.


Uze r all embarasin, non ov uze no fif or game u shud stik 2 listenin 2 der music an stop beefin ova dem wen dey dont no u exist an neva will

Paul c liverpool

fuck the haters,fuck the mother fuckers,fuck the pussy-lickerscoz 50 is da fucking bomb n I gat a whole lotta respect for him,erribody can fuck emselvesif they fink otherwise.n da game,is la-lame!

phly bitch

i think 50 can do it again if he make a hardcore album like fans want. He has to stop letting interscope infulence his music. it turn his fan base away from him. His fans want hard core album not one with him sing hooks. Look what interscope did to eminem last ablum before the greatest hit album that album was stupid no good track at all. When you look at the album that came out in Last 2 months they were not good. Nas - Hip hop is Dead was not good, any one who said it is don't know what rap is about. The album best some "the N" was not even on the ablum from what i remeber. Nas need to stop rapping if he keep putting out albums like this. Jay-Z album was boring only had a few tracks that was ok but not great. The Game's album sound like he try to rap just like Dr. Dre on to many tracks and the track was not that good. Jeezy's album was bad. I was upset when i got this album after buy first album i though his first was a good album. Eminem Present the Re-Up was the best album that came out during this time and had hardly no promotion what the fuck up with that. The re-up had classic tracks from eminem, and his new crew. Em & 50 need to do an album together they make each other better rappers. And em need to get on interscope to promote this album more if they plan on getting any money from sales or it just a good album down the drain. I think interscope is tanking album on purpose to collect tax money.


I think we need a counter to the One Blood Remix from 50. We need that fucking We Are The World hip hop anthemM I'm talking G Unit meets. Dipset meets the Hyphy crew...shit let's throw in some Grime as well. But we also need a cause.


Big ups to 50! Keep the hits coming!


50 has met his water loo.The game is tha gaint killer.50 's controversy to sell albums has come to an end .he's an asshole and the whole G-Unit is history .THE game rules cos he's not a sucker like the rest of dem gunit guys that kiss his ass


u all so fuckin stupid fightin ova this hollywood beef! fiddy aint gangsta and game either, there just fuckin smart makin money on ure lil naiev asses thinkin they somethin somethin. Im bout sure they know that their music aint real, true hip hop from the early dayz would laugh with this commercial shit. But propz to fiddy and game cause their gettin motherfuckin rich! a long time ago fiddy was wack, listen to the first g-unit radios or power of the dollar. He never put no fuckin love songs on that one, cause that aint real. Nowadayz he just makin music for the crowd. Game s first album was good, but his seconds is betta u know why? cause its straight west coast, he went back to basics not that commercial shit that evrbody will like and buy. Anywayz If u want some real hip hop, then u betta go underground or get your old records out of da closet. 36 chambers, Illmatic, ready to die and more thats wack! that real thats were you feelin them lyrics, nowadayz only thing that matters is wether it sells or not. Fuck it. One Love For Hip Hop


Duuuuh.MAFUCKAS...FIFTY SHIT IZ ALWAYZ GONNA SALE CUZ HE IZ HIP-HOP LIKE somebody else said, that's why in all theese movies and commercials and shit, u see the rapper looks very similar to is good lyrically, but is a fake gangsta...he faked getting arrested in stop snitchin' he's a bitch, just like jada kiss and fat joe...People just dont like 50 cuz alot of other people dont, and they think that since their friends dont like 50, they shouldn't either.JUST REMEMBER THIS BITCH AZZ HATERS........: YO FAV RAPPER ONLY GOZ # 0r 4 times platinum, and fifty has gone 20.5 times platinum in both cd's, so that means he's goin something right.BY THE WAY FUCK IPODS, AND DOWNLOADS

Maestro 7-1st

by da way...hit me up on if you wanna argue tha facts.also, hip hop is dead was stolen from a fifty cent mix tape that came out like 5 months ago.SOOOOOOOOO why beef wit somebody, then steal they shit

Maestro 7-1st

Man fuck you Diesel.What I want make clear is that real gangsters dont swagger about their bullet wounds and even dont cry like fifty. The mobster Carmine Persico survived an assassination in which he was shot 20 times (fifty was shot only 9 times).Does he (Carmine Persico) swagger about it? Did he cried like a baby like fifty did? NO!NO! Fuck fifty.He is a big liar!


ur r all dum fuks 50 only got shot 3 times he says he got shot 9 times to be hard u dont see the game braggin bout how he got shot, 50 is fake he gonna tell and go runnin to tha cops

g unot

you guyrs r stupid. 50 will sell. and i hate how u say the massacre wasnt that good and wasnt for the streets. you guys obviiously didnt listen to gunz come out, ski mask way, in my hood, position of power, etc. 50's thrid album will be sick. guaranteed.


and the game raps about the same stuff. 50 cent actually recreates himself and is willing to try new things for the love of hip hop. he is a great artist.


Hey real s**t.. Whether yall hatin on da n***a or not.. He stay gettin money yo


Dope! Aftermath is going to have a big year with this, Em, Bishop, Stat, Eve, Raekwon and Dre's releases.


.... ALL THOSE HATERS HATIN ON 50.... he's GANSTAhe's tha best rapper nuff SAID


Personally 50 cent had potential to be one of the greatest rappers untill he started singing. I mean the dude sold 11 freakin million for his fist album--thats something that we call in the music industry as "Diamond Status"(10 Million or Higher) way above "Platnum." Jay-Z aint even go "Diamond" So that says alot about 50. His second album--as wack as it was did 9.5--almost "Diamond."No Offense, but when Get Rich or Die Trying came out that was the hottest album I heard in years. You could listen to each track all the way through. Now a days a album has like 13 tracks and only like 3 of them sound good--sometimes not even that many. I personally dont have any expectations for 50's new album to be good. Honestly I think its gonna flop--he has one more chance to catch our attention and if he doesnt---that will be the end of the G-Unit era. Notice--Buck and Banks album aint even selling...When the General falls so does the Army. G-Unit are only as good as their leader. 50 been carrying the wieght of his crew all this time. 50 gonna have to pull a rabbit out his fitted cap for this one, and it aint sounding to good with that "I've been inspired by Motown" stuff. Sounds like he might be doing an R&B Album. I'm from Washington, DC so i love what Rich Harrison is doing but 50 and Rich Harrison is not a collabo I'm anticipating--I just hope he doesnt tarnish our DC sound.Good Luck 50, hope you can pull it off---But even if his career ends look at it this way.....He finally got Rich and almost Died Trying........


50 fire

jevon thomas

Congrats 50 for all the success and all thats coming because someone who breaks so many records for his music deserves his money so everyone who keep saying stupid **** like Game is the gangsta hes not because if it wasn't for 50 then Game would have made it no where. As for G-Unit I wouldn't have it any other way... I just bought the Re-Up and 50's rapping in there has only made me mroe excited for his new CD coming out soon...Not any rapper can have a 6 X Platinum record and I don't see Game doing anything like that... G-unit was called a supergroup and not many groups at all are called that.So keep doing your thing 50 and G-Unit and I can't wait for the new CD to come out.PCE


I agree wit Kalibur maynnn . its proly gonna b an r/b album if he sings in it lol holla bak . lv sum feedbak

Young Venom

listen up fools, 50 dropped get rich or die tryin, it was crazy, he aint gona do it again, n i aint hatin' im jus tellin it as it is, n the game is ****** awesome too, so don't hate the game or 50, uno their both great artists


Fitty dat nigga but from what I hear its gon be 2 cd's, he prolly gon go hard as hell on his first wit all dat shootem up shit. On the other 1 he prolly have a lil R&B shit. Anyway it goes Im coppin it.GGGGGGG G-UNIT!



G-Unit's Future


50 rat unit,po po unit

gggg G-unit Mother fuckas


your all must be crack babies, how the hell can y'all say The Massacre ain't gangste. Listen to songs such as In My Hood, This Is 50, Gunz Come Out. and gangsta is all about money, in those songs 50 got his hustle on, and in songs as Candy Shop 50 had fun with the money he hustled up for in previous mentiond songs... i can't wait for his new album to drop..


Who Run ItHis new track with Eminem on the album 'Before I Selfdestruct'??Grtz Bram


Ah no wait, it's called You Don't Know.lyrics + video here >


The 22nd century rap ressurector is gettin' outta curtains ,the rap world is 'bout to witness history again .... I just hope Mr.Interscope jackson went back to the "I'm rich ain't tryin' " basis coz if it's beef, it ain't gon sell as the sayin' goes "make luv not war " and F50 is betta off lyrically rustlin' than beefin'..... **** those who hate him coz he made and they're still stucked in da hood ....shit


50 Cent is a success.......Ofcourse the 11 mill, and the 9.5 mill albumes sold..thats how many pplz like 50.......But remember.50 is living the Dream....quit hating on the Playa.cause u can't get none.......Man he's still gonna sell even more album's no matter what critic's say...Let's put it this way.When got nothing but haters

G-Unit Soldier

i dont consider the massacre his 2nd album cuz it sucked badly and cuz its originaly the st. valentines massacre(actual name/dont believe me look up the history behind the massacre cd)im a fan of get rich or die tryin album but massacre sucked balls/its just a love cd/u know cuz it was supposed to come out on valentines day but got delayed thats why the name is different/so this album is his 2nd album 2 me

GGGGG-Uint, keep on doin ur thing Fif, dont let interscope tell you what u should do, jus do u homie, i kno ur 3rd Cd is gonna be....jus.....****in bannana's, dont worry bout what the lame says, cus the T-Dot has ur back, cant wait initll ur cd Fif, also cant waint intill you come back to the T=Dot. Good Luck buddGGGGG-Unit for life!!


50 cent and the g-unit crew is the reallist. I got nothin but love for 50 and I don't think I know he can do it again. And he will. He'll top his last album with his new one. I predict he will see 21 million copies and his album will be certified titanium. 50 makes the greatest music and the radio stations wont stop giving him airplay. Much love 50. -Quincy, Glastonbury, CT.



50 rat unit,po po unit

U know whats crazy. Yeah fifty may be gangsta on all his ****. But his music in my opinion has been very repetitive. I just recently downloaded get rich or die tryin, and its the same ol fifty. Sum body yall need to be looking out for is Pretty Ugly or Grafh. I dont care how much money u make, but whats funny if he is so gangst dude aint even welcomed back in his own neighborhood. What kind of gangsta is that. A well respected g can go anywhere and get shown love no matter where hes at. And take note, 5o's lil antics of calling ppl out has gotten him in shit if u noticed he backed down from for the 1st time. He made a comment about an old friend/manager/whatever- and in response-Blackhand Ny-Grafh in the 3rd verse listen to whats said. Since then it seems like 50 has put a sock in it.(Not So Gangsta) (Grafh-We heard in XXl what he said about Chaz/So when we saw the article we just read it and laughed/We aint got drama with that man it aint us/(Sarcasticaly)So if he get shot or sumthing just dont blame Us)


heres how i see far..50's albums have not yet dissapointed me..this is one of those cases where we jus have to wait to hear a single..but songs like "Dont Front"..NY to compton" and "Stop Cryin"..took me back to that Southside shit he was on.i **** wit that..i jus think g-unit as a record lable is sloppy.too many known artist if u ask me.i think Banks and 50 are the members holdin **** up..cuz im not impressed wit Young Buck no more...but from what i've heard this album aint nuthin im excited for it.and i will buy it..


I feel what you sayin shane but thats not 50. Does Carmine Persico rap? Is he in the spotlight? Does everyone know his name? No. Everyone knows 50, even if they try to hate on him. That's whats funny. People try to hate on him, but yet they listen to every song that comes out by him. And to the fool who said he only got shot 3 times, the NYPD messed up on the report you idiot. Read the updated copy where it says 9 times bruh. Come back here when you get ya facts straight.


and we already know about grafh man, i got his mixtapes. the only raw song he has is myspace jumpoff, and that doesn't sound too gangsta to me lol


When will the new album be on the street?


Before I Self Destruct, fiddy's new album, is expected in Spring 2007... I saw the new cover and street release date online, and suddenly everything was kicked offline again.Anywayz, bout Game.I'm a guy from Belgium, and last month he came for a concert here. He was acting the rough boy, a real gangsta, with 2 bottles of 'Champagne' drinkin out in one time. Haha, sucka... There was apple juice in it.Selling G Unot shirts on his concert...Nobody who buys em man, wtf are u busy with? Selling such a shit says enough bout ya. You are nothing but a child, you are bad for the music business. I think there even were more 50 fans on his concert...


The release date is 2007/03/21.And 50 Cent can kiss The Games big black ***!!!!! 50 Cent doesen't care about anybody except himself and his ************ money.Kanye and Game, WESTSIDE, peace out!

Kanye, Game, Snoop, Akon

his now album is comming out the 2 qorter of this year

derrick g unit member

and to all you haters of fifty shut the **** up you ******** if Eminem sined him then he the bomb and since he servied 9 shots then that means gods got a perpose for him

derrick g unit member

men fuck all you haters men. g-units the shit 50 did better than pac better than bigie, and the beef is over with the albulm aint gone sell compare to 50's mixtape.....cant wait ofr buck the worl to come out50 is better than pac


Fiddy's next record is goina be off the hook like it always it i cant wait!


Don't compare 2pac with fiddy, cause he's a complete other dimension. Bouth belong to the best mc's in the world, but they got a completely different style of rapping and music.Tupac is the legend, he was very important for hiphop...Fifty is livin' pac's message...


hola! i think 50 is the highest rapper ever came to the scene. He smart, he goes from **** up to heaven, i don't think it's about being hood, being gangsta... it's about doing what a **** u wanna do, and this man right here he's doing it. one love from barcelona 50. and i aint coping u cd i buying it, te lo mereces!


Can anyone spell? You bunch of crack-babies.


I hope this cd is Gangsta like all his other music and hes not getting too mellow!


Okay, I'm going to give a hardhitting statement to you guys right now. I like 50 Cent and The Game. You know what? I'm sick of beef. All it does is lower album sales, thus lowering self-esteem for some rappers. Anyway, on to the review, 50's grandmother told him to be himself for this LP so you know he'll hit hard. He's gonna have great production from from Dre, Em, Hi-Tek, Sha, Storch, Harrison, Rotem, and maybe Mr. Porter, and more. Guest appearances are likely to be Spider Loc, Hot Rod, Buck, Banks, LL, Scrappy, Freeway, Mase, Olivia, Em, Dre, Bussa Bus, Yayo, MOBB, MOP, Hov, Luda, Cham, but most likely less. This is gonna be crazy! Other G-Unit albums coming up! Second Chance - Olivia Buck the World - Young Buck West Kept Secret - Spider Loc Fastlane - Young Hot Rod Return of the Mac - Prodigy Exit 13 - LL Cool J (affiliate) The Suicide Note - Mase (joint with Bad Boy) T.O.N.Y. - Tony Yayo Free At Last - Freeway (affiliate) Yearly Physical - M.O.P.

NJ Rock

yeah blaad, gunit are sick. one of the best rap groups around and i cant till fiddy brings his new album out. its gonna be quality

Jim Singh

50 is gonna put all ya haterz to shame wit his new album BEFORE I SELF DESTRUCT!G UNIT BUILT TO LASTREMEMBER DAT CUZ G UNIT ANIT GONING NO WHERE!


50 cent is #1


Nas "streets deciple" album sales - 1.3 millionGames "the documentary" album sales - 2.3 million50 cent's "the massacre" album sales - 9.5 millionSo for all you nas and game lovers out there, check the numbers, cuz they aint **** compared to 50.

nas sucks game sucks

Album sales have never translated to quality.

Dave Park that math, fleetwood mac destroys 50.

Mike Krolak

Woahh, check all these wannabe gangsters here dude! u all gotta chill people! Wts with all the gangster talk u wannabes. Grow up and grow out of havin lil bitch fights over blogs. Dudes come on! Soz ard gangsterrr!! WANNABESS!!


**** 50cent **** the game, nas the king is back with his album hip hop is dead,respect for nas ma man

nas the king is back

its 50 from da begining toda end dog.i love ya hommies


its 50 from da beging to da end yo ******!


the same people saying G unot were sayin G unit two years ago

rip big l

Soo umm like every1 waznt on 50'z dik b4 game came out. Yall sum banwagon riderz. Game iz sik n so iz fifty. No1 could hate on dat


50 cent is the hardest rappa ever. come on now hav u heard game? he says dr. dre like 20 times in evry song. 50's new album will kill nas game put together and how is nas gonna say hip hop is dead when g-unit is runnin the game besides chamillionaire and lil wayne. lloyd b and bucks album are hard. dowmload dem and c wat im talkin bout. game is fake how r u gon say that "g-unit is ur modern day NWA and that dey can spit rhymes?" 2 months later he was tellin evrybody 50 a snitch and g-unit a b**** thats fake. 50 iz tha best case closed

tha boss

Fifty cent pushes boundaries? are you guys that ignorant about good hiphop that you think fifty cent is somehow revolutionary? he makes the same monotonous gangster ******** as every other rapper in the spot light, and i haven't even got to his pathetic lyricism or weak delivery. The fact such weak hiphop can sell 11 million unit proves the record industry is spiraling towards oblivion. So you guys still impressed by an adult talking like he was 15, acting all hard without any substance? Geees at least you could agree his beat choices were a tad above mediocre but dre and the rest of the aftermath/shady production crew are making record amounts of garbage of late.




Yooo on the real. **** all yall haters out there. Everyone knows that the UNIT is on Top of the rap game and after Buck and Fifth release there new ****..... IT'S GAME OVER............................... Banks didn't sell so much cuz of so much fake thugs downloading all his **** and everyone else coming out when Rotten Apple did. He so talented its ridiculious........ "If it ain't about Fifth and the Unit,, I wonder whose listening to it"!!!......


mira colega yo flipo con g-unit ycon 50 ,son alguien ke entienda esto kiere cojer mi messenger ke lo coja y xarlamos o lo ke sea,aunke sea americano....ALUCIFLIPAAAA¡¡¡¡¡ NUEVO DISCO SERGIO






man 50 cent is the new 2 pac and his better i think he was left in a room 4 a week 4 his first album and he came out with 35 songs yer dat man will always be gangsta he should keep goin with rap not makin movies


yo im from rotterdam and im dealing coke ya no and 50 is giving me power to keep on going with this shit and leave the hood with real money and let me tell you one thing for shoo the game never been in the hood like 50 till he became 21 and than it was an exedint that he got shot because he was at the wrong moment on the wrong place he had nothing to do with drugs and shit his brother was thugin


im from cologne and 50 is the best damn mother****** ever seen since pac so to ya´ll hating hoes shut up you don´t know bout real ghetto ****call me 015207814430add me

dirrty queen

Fiddy runs the rap game, every album he drops is pure money in the ******* bank, aint noone who drops it like this boy. Clubs get ready cause fifths bout to tear em up


yall niggas sayin GNOT!!!!! need to stop cuz its over, yall niggas are tru dick riders who hate fif jus cuz u like game not cuz his music, buck and game jus made a track together and game and my boy fif sqaushed, YALL BETTER WATCH OUT G-unit is comin back, first buck then Fif, he better come hard like GRODT GGGGGGGGGGGG-UNIT BK IN HERE1


damn man u niggaz is annoyin what yall doin on here spending time beefing against eachother bout game and 50 n y fifty will get off his dik...the man makes like 10 mil a day man wtf???every song he put out YOU were probly bangin to it...all of yall...people rib candy shop but if any of yall go to the clubs when they played u probly had hoes on stop hatin man let him do his thang make milion u do yo thang bang his shit in ya car systems n shit n we all was a stripper man...naw literally...a stripper...i like some of his songs...a few of them actually....but cmon man a stipper


50 cent is a fake ass snitch, the hole world knows hes a snitch, he never comes out his house an shit,get rich or die snitchin, game shit is wits poppin GGGGGGG UNOT 4 life, game is a 1 man g unit killer, blackwallstreet beyatch


what happened 2 g unit, the game killed them thats wit happened


G-Unit and 50 4 ever Get Buck :D Game Over bitch !!!!

G-Unit 4

50 is wack man . BLACK WALL STREET FO LIFE


yo all those ******* who hate 50 cents u can come and kiss my dogs ass , 50 is a real hustler u must admire the guy for his success and i know the struggle of 50 cause im in the same situation as he was


E-Moneybags (R.I.P) helped 50 cent with G-Unitand The Game calls 50 a "snitch", The Game used to roll with 50 centplus if everyone is hattin' on 50 cent than why on his 3rd album you got rappers like Styles P, Nas, Chamillionaire i think this is gonna be the best 50 cent album to date...


ive had so much faith in g-unit but they always let me down, i feel like theyve floppped the game destroyed all of them lyrically and moved on. where as there still sat around wondering wat to do looking at 50 but he is no leader

a fan of hip hop

forget every one hatin on 50. 50 is the one of the best rappers there is. **** every one eles that says that he ani't hard and a gansta. people dont like him becauce there bitch ass favorite rapper aint that hard.i have alot of recepect for him. if u ******* say any thing about 50 or eminem u suck.eminem is the **** too.i love how 50 and eminem is like brothers.


alright i like 50 & eminem. 50 is all hard and like him because he his for real. some of the rappers r just ***** stupid. **** every one that says 50 anit gansta because he is a gansta. i have alot of respect for him.the reason why some people dont like 50 is because there favoirte rapper is not hard like 50, 50 is for real thats why he is my favorite rapper # 2 on my list eminem is # 1. fuck all of u son of a bithes that dont like 50.


50 cent is hip-hop. **** game and those rest of the haters that cant even come close to what he sales. a bunch of gold selling rappers. face of L.A.. man your not the face of L.A. Snoop is....cuz. so remember who made you famous. g-g-g-g-g

g-unit west

What it to The livin` legeng 50 And Da whole G-unit Crew is Invading the world in da realist **** ever Happened After biggie and pac


I hope we see more from 50 and let`em break they punk ass out Aka Ferrari Hit`em up 50 GGGGGGGGGGG-Gunit It`s T.C Of THugz Cruzin Behold my new crew Completing what biggie and pac started


50 Cent - Before I Self Destruct, fall of 2007!!! **** tha game, i haven't heard any game from his new cd.... same ass lyrics from tha documentary! his ass kissin career in tha game is OVER... Check out tha song; No body likes me - 50 cent thats the greatest comback no matter how old it is!

He'S BaCk

game over my ass beyatch, g unot all day. game spits real shit. 50 talks shit. game speaks the truth, g unit iz finished. blackwallstreet, tha game has ripped all gunit, hes got nobady else 2 beef with coz hez 1. the game will kill anyboby who disses him. game shit iz wits poppin. fck 50 tha fake ass snitch


he's back, eye tha fake ass snitch, listen 2 fat joe tune my fo fo an all the 3 mix tapes wi tha game, stop snitchin stop lyin, who got game an ghost unit, ul all know g unit iz dead. GGGGG UNOT; get rich or die snitchin, fck 50 an gunit tha rats


yous are all gay .........******ho

yous are all gay

50 cent is kingEvery one hates da best 50 cent is da best so they hate himask a girl if the think beyonce is pretty they will say not really or no but every boy and man knows she is one of the sexiest girls around.ggggg-unit**** the gay me

50 cent king of rap

Are you ****** serious!....that no style, half ass, cant flow for sshhh, only worth half a buck!, gay ass rapper is King of hip hop!!?? Poor guy for whoever said that. **** how much he sells. That fool cant give a rhyme that makes me say woaH! or at least a "oh ok that was tight." That fool is garbage! I heard him on a radio show out here in L.A. like 3 or 4 years ago and they asked him to bust a freestyle, and that ***** ranked it!...if he so ******sick, why couldnt he bust a quick freestyle??...CUZ HE CANT RHYME FOR ****. He was like "Nah im pretty tired" THe **** kind answer is that!...Even the HOST of that radio show sounded dissappointed. HAHA!!!. he got caught off guard and couldnt back his own **** up! What a Fake ass ********. He has all the time to "WRITE" RHYMEs and they sTILL come off as GARBAGE! ***** SNITCH!...The only reason they sell so much is because they're so many hiP HOPper wannabe's then they are REAL OnEs!. ****** trendy ass *********. All of you make me Laugh! LOL! ****** entertainers are what you are to us real headz. LOL! Keep listening to that fake ****! it's where you belong!


is tony yayo in jail if he is ill go save him becaus is nice whit is gangsta if i hesr someon say gunit sucks ill best him up this litil ******

Lloyd Bank$

hey 50 are you in crips or bloodz? i really want to now that

Lloyd Bank$

yo eryone need to stop hatin because no matter what 50 does hes makin money... the guys a buisness man... whether hes rappin bout a candy shop or with em and banks on dont push me the dudes always gna make money so i spose haters dont faze him ya c it?anyway keep movin fiddysafereloadUKS FINEST


For all youse people, that running around in circles saying 'the game is better than 50' or '50 cent sucks, he got no beef' go to youtube and watch "Don't Touch 50" its a documentary by the game himself saying how good 50 cent is and why you shouldn't mess with 50 cent, this is one nigga u aint playing mann, he'll get you screwed.


Yeah **** da ***** fiffty and who ever is stupid enough to wanna roll with him. Ppls need to get a clue dat dis ***** a snitch and a backstabber. I doubt the next Album will be even the slightest big tight other than the beats. As far as The Game goes dats my nigz

Jay aka Royale



game shit all day, g unit rats especially there leader. the doctors advocate is the shit, blackwallstreet beyatchs, 50 cent aka boo boo, marcus, chickin little or snitch, fuck 50 the lyin snitch


Damn ****** is hateing on 50 i can se..its all iight keep hating wut the **** yu think yo job is, to ******* hate..g unit is making that guap..STOP ****** HATEING


who cares abotu carmine penisboy he aint no billboard topsellin rapper and second of all who would cry after being shot 9 times i know your mom would


oh and shane carmine is ****** and he cant rap


snitch this...snitch that... were would the game be without 50?...all u haters avnt got a clue. GET OVER IT. jelous mude *******!!!!!! holla back............ x


gggggggggggggunot. gunit iz finished, olivar is out,y buck iz next an faggat ass gayo has just been bailed on 5 grand fr hittin the game's manager' 14 year old son, thats how tough an hard gunit is. fck 50an fck gunit, its over. even people in new york a sayin gggg unot. its over. game tune's body bags an gunit funeral tells it all. game shit is wits poppin. 50 cents album will be a flop just like hs film GET RICH OR DIE SNITCHIN. ggg unot beyatch's


game 5 million fifty 11.5 million game don't know, but I do know its far from 9.5 million. fifty haters do your the math; like it or not fifty is on top of his game. Real talk game can flow, but if you look at fifty numbers somebody feels fifty is better, like me.


Do you relize how retarded some of you sound? talk normal. stop trying to be cool the way you talk dont make you cool you sound like a moron. learn english.


Right now as you read this Dr. Dre is constructing a musical nuclear bomb in tha place we (Tha Aftermath affiiliates call Area 51) tha secret studio where tha Album is in production. All I can say is from what ive heard Dr Dre is un-muthfucken Fadable as a producer!! He has songs that you can just ride to from track#1 thru track#26 tha fans are in for a musical treat. Never have I seen 1 producer work 7 MPC's at once but Dre twist sounds into instruments have you sit in on a musical session and have you sit sweatin, Shaken and gettin chills. & Tha team of Beat chemist are on deck as supporting cast. Everybody will be on this album except Game's punk ass.

Aftermath Ent. "Look out for Detox"

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, i just want to say hello to you so i will need the G-unit informatin so that we can talk more bettter ythan this i will need their information like this:E-MAIL ADDRESS:WEB-SITE:PHONE NUMBER: SO THIS IS MY OWN PHONE NUMBER +2348060749409THANK WISH TO HERE FROM YOU SOONESTPIUS HENRY


50 is a man. He is real gangsta. He is only raper hu knowes what is RAP.

Shorey 2K

this is rap right?ohhh its a frikken comments board...ohh ****... well lets just turn this shit into a rap...actuly... my bars are 2 hot for this.... mang... 50 cent...Everyone says they like his first album.... ok then what does it even matter that you didnt like his second... he gave you what you wanted... you already got his first one what els do you want... more? ohh ok i get it... you want more? so when 50 releases an album thats diffrent and he says 2 you nah this ones diffrent you get angry? why? you dont need 2 get it... its not like he forced u 2 listen 2 the shit... you dont have to comment on it... Im saying this cuz you all got me angry... 50 cent is a succesful rapper and you cant really take that away... 11 mil + speaks louder than what im saying... and for yall who support 50 thats great.... remember he was a gangsta.. now hes a rapper... but its like this if im australian which i am... and i move 2 america im still australian arnt i? yea thats right you got it.... hes the same person obviously... but hes just changed profession.... as in.. he was selling durgs.. now he sells albums.. cuz he couldnt sell 11 mil kgs of drugs but he can sell cds... but on his cds he talks about the drugs.. cuz thats waht he did... I came from my mum vigina... and im talking about it now... because it happend.. ahrahr... ok man peace.. if anyone hates on me its a waste of time im never cuming back here you'll never get satisfaction i hate you all... but lots of peace at the same time...


oh yea... and dre's album is going to be crazy... and obviously game wont be on it... but chances are 50 will thats kinda funny... but i do like game... just think hes a bit wierd thats all... you know acts a bit funny man...peace... or hate... you choose... cant decide... dont worry about it.


Game over! ****** **** the Game wit his WACK-ASS album I grabbed a copy of that **** listened to & tossed dat **** out to tha ********* Bootleg man it had no Dre no 50 and other than that whole album had all of Dre's Ghostproducer squad to give it a Dre feel but then Game killed it by singing like Me on one song & tryin to give it his best Dr Dre impression on another. At that point Game showed not only me but others as well that he really wanted 50 & Dre becuz he used our vocal styles on his shit to fool tha deaf,dumb & Blind Fans who dont know any better.But true heads saw right thru that bullshit. And truth be told Son since you left yo Brother & other OG Blackwall street soldiers behind you really aint shit Son u tried to film that one blood video in a look a like house that resembles Fase's house ****** pleeze who you foolin & I makes better music than you period, My songs are gangsta wit a feel good vibe to it plus I makes songs for the Fellas & Ladies. compared to Games depressed Whinney ass songs Son pleeze u probably got some money but not as much as you should had you followed the peckin order nigga youre a snake ass nigga You could never destroy G-UNIT, ATERMATH, SHADY or INTERSCOPE nigga and remember If you diss "Dr. Muthafuckin Dre" you'll never work in this Industry again Son Dre's got friends in this business word will get back Betta listen to tha last song on Busta's last CD "Legend of tha fall off's" one phone call is all it would take & your ***** over over nails in ya coffin Betta look at DeathRow Dre shut that **** down gave up tha $300 million & now what! Dre got way more than $300 that was light paper to Dre he's just a humble cat that lives in tha studio but he takes care of his family unlike you game you brung your ungrateful foster home attitude right our INTERSCOPE house & we all saw it. Son you a Disfuntional confused Artist who had no clue on how blessed you were and still are... I actually wanted to completely put your career on ice but ****** it was Dre who made it was to where you'd still be apart of INTERSCOPE thru Geffen which is a smaller branch of INTERSCOPE and whatever your album did number wise Jimmy Iovine, Andre Young, & Curtis"INTERSCOPE"Jackson we still eatin off your sells Lil nigga!! Get rid of Delaney, Jimmy & them leechin ass Bounty Hunnas they using yo monkey ass! Invest you money into somethin that I'll keep you paid long after your careers over. Grip up Your already one foot in tha grave career wise. So u Betta realize its chess not checkers. 50 aint playin wit you. I rule wit a iron fist, pop off Dont forget check out my Album "Before I self Destruct" COMING SUMMER OF 07 featuring Dr.Dre, TI, Eminem, G-UNIT, JAY-Z, Ludicris, Young Jeezy, Mase, Snoop Dog, Jewel, Rick Ross, ScarFace, Akon, Chamillionare, StatQuo, and many more.... GGGGG-UNIT!

50 Barrels in ya Face

Ladies and Gentlemen boys & girls you are truly in for another Dr Dre, Eminem Presents: 50 cent "Before I self destruct" This album will contain streight fire from start to finish satisfying the fans wit them hits from the CD's motion picture like intro thru a musical journey thru 50's eyes Remember you heard it here 1st this album will be a lethal concoction tha finest Bass, kicks, snares and lush basslines money can buy. So start saving up this albums a keeper wheather your bouncing in tha freshest lowrider or pushin thru tha cobble stoned streetz of Europe in a Range Rover Hats off 50 cent you ve did it again Goddamn He loves his fans.......GGGGGGG-UNIT! Coming soon. **** Game tatooed face *****. Lol.

Shady Aftermath Presents "Tha 50 cent Show"



i **** all the idiots talkin *** bout 50. they kno nuthin, i hate it. they only think they kno sumthin but for real its ********. what fifty did is gangsta, maybe massacre wasnt rly gangsta, it was rather commercial but just consider wat he did before. mastership in one word, gettin out of the drug ****, out of evrythin with 2 buddies, started producin some good nutes, and he got to the top. respect, and yall shld respect him ya *******, stop dissing him *********. gunit4life.peace

gunit corps

hatin on 50 u mother ****** ***** ******* r just jelouse cuz yall know that 50's the best thats it ur just jelouse u little punk bitches**** THE GAME!!!


Man i dont see what the game or fifs prob is man theyre both like the greatest rappers alive besides the DRE of course. they were a hit success when they well together and have done good by themselves but not near as good as they could together. Buck the world was a great cd. rotten apple sucks. gunit is going to have to step up their game to keep up with the rest of the hip hop world. 50 worries to much about beef if youll notice a lot of the upcoming rappers dont waste time on that ****. i know ti is a fake ass wanna be gangster but his records sell like crazy because he rarely lowers himself to this beef ********. if fiftys whole cd is a good as His new track straight to the bank i think he will have a smash. but the cds to look out for will be detox, godfather of the ghetto, and bishop lamonts devue album.i am aftermath music all the way they are just going to have to get their shit together peacd out keep it real and look out for detox


hey all of ua ************, 50 is number 1 ************ ...all of the rappers they hate on 50 cz 50 is de real gangsta and 50 is the best rapper after pac and **** diddy and jada and cam'r and this gay is de game ... 50 take the game to the top y'all can suck 50's **** and **** 50 is the first of this rap ********** all y'all......b.a.d.b.a.l 4 life G_G_G_G_G_G_uniiiit 4 life

badbal aka L.A.B.B.killa

O 50 Cent é foda agora com seu novo album vai detonar aki no Brasil esse filho da mãe é o cara aqui no Brasil... eu sou G-unit Brasil aki fmz!G-gggg unit!


you all are soooo gangster.... going and posting bulletens back and forth bitchings about 50 and who is better.... wow you guys are real gangster more like geekster


damn these other ******* got the nerves to say 50 cent sucks 50 is the one that gave the Game his chance ,these suckas need to do their research asyou can see the G-unit label at the bottom of Game's first cd DR.DRE didn'tdiscover THE GAME OR EMINEM 50 cent did, all they did was produce a coupletracks and help put the game on the charts an 50 cent is the one who is upon the charts with the beatles and the first rapper too he broke records barelyanyone can break plus is ****** rich , he planin retirement after his two upcoming albums the game is more a gang banger fifty gave up on that a long timeto stay humble he the one got shot nine times the game only got shot five timesthe game may want more beef because is still a gang banger with hot shitfifty gave up on that stuff to stayin a humble environment and keep shit offhis bacck so that makes fifty cent better and more postive and staying awayfrom the negative so that makes fifty better an powerfulaka dollar boy aka ketchupman aka HeinZ ketcup it's me ******


why yall hatin' on 50? Keep hatin' like he said"let them hate and if they hate watch ur money pile up"And u all might hate to admit but you he is tha best.I believe he can do what he did in his first two albums again.Cuz i know he got it in him. And he's gone through everything in his life. All them ****** rappers of today Kenye West and Jay Z and Diddy are mommas boys. They do not know what he went through they never experienced it.50 got it in him bcuz of all the ****** pain he went though in his life he is the best lyricist out there and u all know it bitches. He always b gettin all that cash cuz he desrve it. And 4 all of you who say that he forgot where he came from . I don't think he did bcuz he still straight hood. and not many rappers got it in thenm no more. So yall keep hatin' make him richer and all of you who have notin' against him keep it up cuz he ain't notin' without his fans. he needs us to supprt him in his career an for to sowhim that he can do it. 1 more thing **** u Ja rule,IRV Gotti and all them haters. Now I'm done. Peace out gggggg G-UNIT!!!!!!


Whass ya medda wit Fitty?Man you all fitty haters, suck ma dick.You buskers out there,you have no idea about gangsta music!50cent is da real Gangsta and the game,he's fake ass monkey!He should go back to the jungle and meet Tarzan and throw at Tarzan and at other monkeyz with coconut!I mean Game should be proud at Fitty,coz Fitty made him rich and framous,you kow what I'm sayin:


Fat ass Joseph is a pussy cuz he scared 2 fly, ja rule is a gay nigga cuz he sing on every record, jadakiss big ninja turtle ass steal everything he wear, nas gay old ass need 2 retire, the game ain't a real blood cuz real bloods don't hang wit crips like snoop dogg, dj khaled is a big fat ass penguin, camron make fun of 50 cuz lloyd banks only sold 300,000 on his last album but dis gap tooth nigga don't even make it past 100,000, lil wayne and baby some gay niggas for kissin each other and sh#$,r. kelly can only get pussy from little kids, and irv gotti sucks supreme mcgriff's dick. 50 da muthaf$%&$** kang of dis rap sh$t nigga and if ya'll don't like dat sh$t nigga,ya'll can SUCK MY DICK.ggggggggG-UNIT!!!!!!


50 Cent is the best rapper on the world . he will be successfull in the new album too
50 Cent is the king

G - U N I K

screw yall who hate. he sold over 30 million and come march when before i self destruct drops he gunna be da king. scrw yal pussy niggaz tryin rap,hate souja boyan hurricane chris bun b, tupac, biggie, fiddy, and pimpc best R.I.P pimpc

G-Init Pay

First Of All, The Only reason people are hating 50 cent is because of the fact that they like the game. To hate another artist or person because another artist doesn't like them is straight ignorance, think about it, the government loves it when african americans fight each other. It just makes they're job of keeping you under them all the more easier. Don't hate 50 or game just because you have a difference of opinion, respect them for their effort and unite your people,the government feeds off of minority-in-house confrontation(black vs. black, brown vs. brown).




Southside Jamaica Queens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


G-Unot's old y da f** is everi1 still chattin on about it shut the f** up


people are haters thats y there broke and im rich!

the don

hey!!!yo!!yo!!!man!!!hip hop 4 ever

hip-hop soldier

the album is gone be hot

Check out

Part-time Lover by 50 Cent

Ferrari F 50

yo so ure sayin carmine got shot 20 times and just got up and went to the doctor without hurting,,,yea right maybe in a video game....50 is da best.... gangsta,,,GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG-UNIT


To all the 50 haters....

keep hatin 50....cos thats why hes on top everytime...he doesnt you jack ass idiots to cheer him cos ya'll who dont know shhit about hip hop...poppin in like they related to biggie smalls or sumtn...anyways..peace...

but to mention...Tupac according to me was the Hip Hop god n to me he is still the hip hip god...

Alive : 50, shady, kanye, ludacris, Nas, BIG...etc etc...


Actually, he's not on top every time. He lost to Kanye West and he said he'd retire if that happened. He didn't. That means he a liar as well as a moron who lives in a mansion in the middle of whiteyville. He sold out his race and poor people everywhere. Urkel has more cred these days.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

50 aint a lier he couldn't retire cause he has a four album deal with interscope so stfu Haters


a certain fool say 50 cant go back in hishood dat person dont no wat dey r saying cause 50 goes back to his hood he had a barbaque in his hood and he wrote some of the songs on curtis at his grandmoms crib so get ujr facts str8 befo u talk

ten pounds of kilo



cant wait 4 fifs new album, im g-unit 2 de core bitch!!! heard games new album and it is avery good album, i hate de fagit but LAX is hot. hopefully fif will go back 2 get rich or die tryin mode. de massacre woz lyrically a fantastic album, wozn about de beats, jus lyricaly fantastic. anyway, cant wait 4 de shady/g-unit/aftermath three headed monster, Before i self destruct/Relapse/Detox 2 come out, its gonna be hot!!! GGGGGGGGGGG-Unit!! Peace


you all are a bunch of ******* 50 cent sucks dick now. his first album was la git his last 3 or whatever have been a waste of money. i dont even bother burning his crap anymore. hes just pathetic.

whitey mcford

well the first single is pure GARBAGE so it doesnt look good. . .


nikkaz fukk 50. lil' wayne is numba one best rapper alive HOLLA!!!

LIl'Nico B.B.Z 4130

to all the haters of king 50 ya'll just some stupid s***s who know hes the best so ya f****n jealous f*** off!!! ha ha ha!


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