’30 Rock’ Producer Ron Weiner Developing Two NBC Comedies

    NBC’s 30 Rock may have just started its final season, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for the people involved. Tina Fey recently signed a four-year deal with Universal to develop telelvision seris, and now another 30 Rock staffer is moving forward with some new material.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, 30 Rock producer Ron Weiner is developing two new comedies. Weiner, who was nominated for a 2006 Emmy as a writer on the show and previously worked on Arrested Development, has sold the comedies to NBC. The first is a workplace sitcom about an odd couple managing a group together. They of course learn to work together through their differences, but there’s sure to be some funny stuff in between.

    Weiner is also set up to adapt a British series called Whites, about a chef at a hotel. American adaptations of British comedies have proven successful in the past, as evidenced by The Office‘s current ninth season, so maybe Weiner’s adaptation will flourish, too.

    While you’re waiting for more scoop on the new shows, you can enjoy 30 Rock‘s farewell season, Thursday nights on NBC.

    In related news, wondering where star Tracy Morgan will be after the show ends? Tina Fey is a little worried about him.