2NE1 Talk About Frozen Yogurt Toppings With The Fader

    Looks like everyone’s K-pop sweet hearts have been making the rounds doing a handful of press interviews with some of music’s elite. The group made the rounds while they were on their ‘New Evolution’ tour in the United States. Last week they were on ‘Facebook Live‘ and over the weekend Pitchfork posted their interview. Yesterday The Fader magazine also posted their interview. 

    After a while you would think that these interviews would have become a little stagnant repeating the same questions over and over again. The Fader asked questions such as how long they’ve been training and how they formed, how CL having an international childhood helped the group’s transformation into becoming stars, what their favorite Jeremy Scott outfits were and if they miss their home South Korea. But The Fader did change things up a little bit by asking them what their favorite frozen yogurt toppings were.

    CL has been taking the charge during their English only interviews, but you actually get to hear some more snippets coming from Bom and then Dara in this interview. Minzy, the youngest of the group remained quiet and shy. 

    Watch the interview down below:

    [The Fader]