$250 Will Buy You A Personalized Facebook Message From Third Eye Blind’s Stephen Jenkins

    Today is a semi-charmed kind of day, as Stephen Jenkins, lead singer of Third Eye Blind, issued the following offer via Facebook:

    Got a special birthday or anniversary coming up? Let me help you celebrate with a shout-out on Facebook. Could be for you, a friend or a family member. Tell me about the occasion and the recipient and I’ll craft a memorable post for the whole world, or at least all of Facebook, to see.

    You tell me the desired date for the post, the occasion, the recipient and any helpful notes and I’ll craft a personalized post. Post will be made by me, Stephan Jenkins, from the Third Eye Blind Facebook page. A portion of the proceeds benefit Tipping Point Community.

    So that’s a steal, right? In the long run, that’s probably less money than what you spend single-handedly backing your brother’s band’s Kickstarter projects; and there’s the added bonus of the whole world of your Facebook friends witnessing your brush with “NOW That’s What I Call Music!” fame!

    Cynicism aside, proceeds from Jenkins’–you could call it “guerrilla-style philanthropy”–will benefit the Tipping Point Community, a non-profit group that serves low-income families in the Bay Area. [via aux]