2012 Mash-Up: A Year Of Movies In 7 Minutes (Video)

    This is insane. This person most likely has OCD. Fortunate for us, instead of spending his time combing out rug fringe, he makes detail-obsessed YouTube videos for everyone to enjoy. Here’s his mash-up of 182 notable films from 2012. Not only does he find similarities in visual themes throughout (rain, flickering lights), he also creates subgroups that emphasize our human tendency towards movement, destruction/war (the first third of the video weaves together a series of dystopian imagery), and even the search for commonality. The auteur, a YouTuber who posts under the moniker Sleepy Skunk, also includes a meticulously laid out “artist’s statement” with the video, explaining his intentions; and a second-by-second guide to each movie featured. So OCD, so impressive. Watch below. [Film School Rejects]