200th ‘Family Guy’ Episode Will Focus On Stewie and Brian

    If you’re a frequent viewer of TV repeats, and you like Seth MacFarlane, you’ve probably seen most of the episodes of his raunchy cartoon Family Guy at some point. Can you believe that’s almost 200 episodes? While you reevaluate how much television you watch, let’s talk about what Family Guy’s 200th episode will be about.

    According to Perez Hilton, the show, titled “Yug Ylimaf,” will focus on everyone’s favorite talking dog/genius baby duo, Brian and Stewie. The episode will be one hour, reminding viewers of the extended “bottle” episode a couple of years back featuring Stewie and Brian locked in a bank vault. This time the pair will be embarking on another delightful time-traveling adventure, trying to rescue mankind from the effects of a Stewie-made device which moves time backwards. The Brian/Stewie relationship has blossomed into a sometimes heartwarming bond, while still being outright hilarious, so fans will probably rejoice that the focus will be on them for this milestone episode.

    The episode will also feature a look back at the history of the show, with clips and commentary from those working on the series. The 200th episode airs Nov. 11 on Fox.

    Seth MacFarlane seems to be taking over the world these days. Not only does he have several cartoons on television, but he also had a box office hit with Ted, he recently hosted Saturday Night Live, and it was announced that he will host next year’s Academy Awards ceremony.