2003 Michael Jackson Singles Comp on Pace to Be 2009’s Biggest Album

    In its weekly run-down of album sales yesterday, Billboard reported that Michael Jackson’s 2003 singles compilation, Number Ones, is currently the year’s best selling album, moving 1,619,000 copies, 10,000 more than Taylor Swift’s Fearless.


    But because of how Billboard counts albums, if Number Ones beats the biggest selling album released in 2009 (it’ll likely be Swift’s, but Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 is expected to ship a lot of units) by a million copies, it won’t be called the biggest selling album of the year on the charts, because Billboard doesn’t count albums that have been out that long in their yearly totals. It remains to be seen if Billboard will change the way it charts albums, but you’d figure it has to if Jackson wins handily. [Idolator]