£20,000 for “drunk” Lennon recording

    Apparently not satisfied with the version of ’50s R&B singer Lloyd Price’s "Just Because" recorded by John Lennon on the latter’s covers album, Rock ‘n’ Roll, some well-heeled Fabs freak has shelled out over £20,000 at a Los Angeles auction for an earlier, rather different Lennon version. Recorded in 1973 under presumably ad hoc circumstances during the excessive-substance-abuse period of Lennon’s life known as his "lost weekend" in L.A., this take on the same song finds the singer in what’s assumed to be an inebriated state, ad libbing lyrics about cocaine and sexually explicit activities. 


    If this one unguarded Lennon moment can prove to be so valuable, it could mean that an entirely different perspective is in order regarding the future fortunes of someone like Amy Winehouse. Just imagine the possibilities if the controversy magnet’s own gaffes could become high-ticket collector’s items. Winehouse might have a whole cottage industry on her hands whether she ever makes another album or not. Pete Doherty, are you taking notes? [NME