20 Musicians’ Jobs Before They Were Famous

    It’s a story as old as rock and roll: a line cook busts his ass all day flipping burgers, but years later he’s a megawatt superstar touring the world. Everyone’s got to start somewhere, and Pigeons and Plans have posted a list of twenty musicians and their pre-fame jobs.

    There are the usual tales of angry janitorial and waiter work, but did you know Kanye worked as a sales assisstant at the Gap? Totally makes sense: he’s a natural salesman, and he loves clothes! So buck up, insurance claims adjuster–someday, you could be on this list as you’re basking in a pool of money and drugs. List below, with pictures and explanations here.

    1. Kurt Cobain–Janitor at the YMCA

    2. Kid Cudi–Disgruntled Dean & Deluca employee

    3. Jack White–Upholsterer

    4. Kanye West–Sales assistant at the Gap

    5. Gotye–Customer service at the local library

    6. Leona Lewis–Receptionist

    7. Madonna–Dunkin’ Donuts employee

    8. Eminem–Short order cook/dishwasher

    9. Mick Jagger–Porter at a mental hospital

    10. Girl Talk–Biomedical engineer

    11. Ozzy Osbourne–Slaughterhouse employee

    12. Diddy–Intern at Uptown Records

    13. Lady Gaga–Waitress

    14. Gwen Stefani–Floor-cleaner at Dairy Queen

    15. Lance Bass–Snow-blower

    16. Eve–Stripper

    17. Pink–McDonald’s

    18. Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion–Bagger at a supermarket

    19. Moby–Golf caddy

    20. Brandon Flowers (the Killers)–Bellhop at a hotel