2 Chainz Arrested In An Airport For Packing Brass Knuckles

    2 Chainz, the 35 year old street-rap bellower who is semi-inexplicably a pop star right now, was arrested at LaGuardia Airport for, *ahem* packing Brass Knuckles in his carry-on bag. He was naturally charged with the misdemeanor possession of a criminal weapon. 2 Chainz’ camp says they’re currently “handling the situation.”

    But I digress, is 2 Chainz rolling with Al Capone or something? How is his brass knuckles important enough to keep in the overhead container? I mean, at the same time it is kind of awesome that a rapper is bearing such esoteric arms.

    So everyone, make sure you don’t get into a barfight with 2 Chainz. [TMZ]