15 Worst Albums by Great Bands

    Continuing in Rolling Stone‘s tradition of providing lists as fodder for obsessive music fanboys to rant about on blogs (see last week’s “best comeback albums” list), now the venerable music mag has compiled a list of the 15 worst albums by great bands. Can’t argue with most of the below, though I’ll say I’m sorta fond of One Hot Minute, and Presence has some great tunes on it. I would add The Beach Boys’ Stack-O-Tracks, Captain Beefheart’s Bluejeans and Moonbeams, and Metallica’s Reload. Or really anything they released after the black album. Any additions?
    1. Bob Dylan, ””Down In the Groove””
    2. Rolling Stones, ””Dirty Work””
    3. David Bowie, ””Tonight
    4. Van Morrison, ””Beautiful Vision””
    5. The Clash, ””Cut the Crap””
    6. Neil Young, ””Old Ways””
    7. Van Halen, ””Diver Down””
    8. The Who, ””Face Dances””
    9. Elvis Costello, ””Mighty Like A Rose””
    10. Red Hot Chili Peppers, ””One Hot Minute””
    11. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, ””American Dream””
    12. Aerosmith, ””Rock in a Hard Place””
    13. Lou Reed, ””Mistrial””
    14. Morrissey, ””Kill Uncle””
    15. Led Zeppelin, ””Presence””
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