“Zodiac Killer”

    Because of scheduling conflicts and other issues, I haven’t exactly kept up with Yak Ballz’s ongoing monthly release series. But that doesn’t mean we have forgotten about the former Def Jukie, who is putting out a new album, Gas Galaxy, track by track. The Flushing, N.Y. native’s latest, “Zodiac Killer,” has been called the record’s first official summer track, which might lead you to believe it’s all sunny and laid-back. That’s not really the case here. Admittedly, the track’s beat, which Ballz produced, is the type of stuff made for sweaty, late-night summer dance parties. Although, I don’t know how many of you are going to throw a track called “Zodiac Killer” on a party playlist, even if the hook is pretty damn catchy.


    Stream and download the track below.


    Zodiac Killer (Prod. by Yak Ballz) by yakballz

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