“Zelda Has It” (Prefix Premiere)

    Experimental eight-piece Swahili Blonde banded together following the dissolution of L.A.-based dub-punks Weave!. And for the past few years, the West Coast collective has followed in its precedecessor’s shit-kicking footsteps. They’ve put on some supremely memorable live shows and dropped some equally engaging studio material. The latest example of the latter comes via Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink, Swahili Blonde’s follow-up to last year’s Man Meat.

    And for anyone wondering, yes, their songwriting is just as diverse and off-the-wall as ever. It’s also inherently melodic and earworm-friendly, particularly “Zelda Has It.” The bass-and-drum grooves are relentlessly catchy, as are frontwoman Nicole Turley’s vocals. She’s able to keep you at full attention amid the relative chaos fueled by walking guitar lines, horn squeals, and well-timed strings accents.

    It makes for something not unlike a track you might expect to hear in the Legend of Zelda video games series, particularly during a boss battle. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about, nerds. You can stream and download the track below. Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink drops Nov. 15 on Neurotic Yell.

    Swahili Blonde: “Zelda Has It” (Prefix Premiere) by prefixmag