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Young Buck: Phone Call to 50 Cent - Crying? (MP3)

Here's the second and even worse part of a phone conversation between Young Buck and 50 Cent that was taped. The taxes Buck owes has got him sounding broken down.
Young Buck - Phone Call to 50 Cent (MP3) Girls Morning Light (Video)
Young Buck

hahahahahah.....mayne young buck crying on the phone!!!!! hahahahahah .... cant talk down on the hand that feed ya buck. 50 will put a stop on everything that you will attempt to do. This game is so serious. Fools get a little bit of shine and want to take 100% credit like they doing it on they buck said


you guys are all is this type of exploitation and bullying that leads to death, either by murder or suicide of our young black men...why not discuss this issue in a private meeting...this is just disgusting!! why do we relish in others it that we are so dissatisfied in our own lives...


50 really on some ish right now.....And I really done lost a whole helleuva lot of respect for Buck after this. I mean I real live mess with Buck. I thought homey made two real solid albums. But dude crying on the phone is OD. Sound like he back on that girl for real (if you know what I mean). I just can't respect it. And 50 dirtball for putting dude out there like that for real. He was the only nigga outside of 50 who really held the unit down. Total disregard for that man and his future....and I believe he was sticking him out of money. Damn really sound like sucka bruh. Total disappointment.





Sorry bout your luck buck!! Never bite the hand that feed ya.buck dug his grave and jus jumped in it!!
RULE# 1: dont cross 50!!


i guess gangstas do cry!!!!!


Fifty should of never aired that and Buck was stupid for getting caught up. Either way, they both messed up for feeding into each others bull. The lesson is don't trust no one in the industry that didn't start with you. Ain't no love ho!

yo yo d

I feel bad for Buck. The IRS is more hardcore than any rapper. If any of you have ever made enough money to be into the IRS for real money, you'd know how hardcore they are. 50 is a petty little child for releasing this.

Internal Revenue Served

hell nah homeboy !


Yeah, Buck got embarassed, but the way he responded was like a man, his diss track was like straight up and to the point. I think that when he gets out of this rut, and thats what I think it is, he's gonna get his paper strapped. I say step ya game up and get on with something bigger. g-unit is one group. And DB my life is real good right now. haha

R. Hill

50 so cool man i want to be just like him? HA HA HA HA

Thug Life G


this is a warning to all you guys in USA . PAY YOUR TAXES or the IRS GONNA COME LOOKING FOR YA. And they come looking for ya real quick if your black.

bob england

50 cent is a snake, taping convos and stuff what kind of snitch business is that. buck has a nice diss track in response to this on some real talk

real nigga

50 cent, young buck, g-unit they all trash anyway so why does it matter

Voice of the People

50 cent is a very very evil man. My God have mercy on your soul.


I think Buck is a stupid ass nigga, he been confused for a while saying little slick stuff about about 50 in the magazines; the nigga deserved what the he got; crying like little bitch, bro you could of came better then that. 50 sould continue to air his butt out; now what you gonna do now?

D Dog



only b*tches and Sn*tches tape converstations....Every man cried at least 1 time in their life...if any man says they didn't they lying like Sh*t....what I have a problem with is buck begging 50 of all people....he just fell in 50's Trap and evilness thinking 50 is a genuine a dumb A*S......


DB< shut the f up. Private meeting ? You should have thought about that before you bit the hand that fed YOU!..
I pay more money in taxes then most people make in two years , But you wont catch me bitching about it... That's the cost of doing knew that..... Buck keep buying the Cadillac, Mercedes, Bentleys making the White Man richer.


yo buck is not a bitch ya all dum bitches he just need help and 50 help him out watch bitches


young buck is a punk if he cant stand up for him self then wats the ust of him being in G-unit 50 mite as well kick him out all that junk he be talkin but cant stand up for him self in less they talkin bout killin him then yeah but take it like a man or get out of G-unit


50 is bitch made but as a man you never let them see you sweat thats where buck f--k up at

Bohannibal The Great

listn.. 50 is sick.. he gt iz braiz.. 2 make iz chedda.. bt tha n--gr jus f-k-d hiz own boy.. 4 chedda.. BITCHES du wt 50 dun.. BUCK a soldier!!!! OH YEAYO EVERY MAN CRY'Z!! GT ME?? WEN U IN A POSITIONLYK BUCK.. U FEEL THA PRESSURE.. JUS HOPE BUCK GONNA B HOLLERIN GGGGGGG UNIT AGIN SOON!! G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G UNIT!!

lil Gorilla

who gives a f-k everybody cries, its better than being a piece of s--t snitch like 50

no name

50 is the biggest b**ch i ever know


yo.... on some real hood talk.....I love buck just like the next guy, but that right there hurt him....real talk...I don’t care how many dis records he makes, there is know coming back from that......and the sad part is he and 50 did have a real friendship at one point and time, and 50 still released it knowing how bad it would hurt buck. I'm not a 50 fan...but I respect his mind...dude is smart as hell...he knew buck was going to get out of like again because the tape conversation was the first time buck got out of line, and 50 saved it for a rainy day. Listen everybody....on some real the hood there is no such thing as a fare fight….so don’t expect 50 to fight fare. These guys are trying to ruin each others careers. Take money out of each others pocket, food off the table. This is serious, not just dudes rapping. It’s about money and the only way you stay on top when you’re categorized as a gangster rapper is to prove to the streets you are that dude, because the thugs in streets are the people buying your records, putting food on your table and enabling your child to get the best education he or she can. In the streets people kill for this kind of clout but in the music business they ruin each others careers by recording dis-records or any other form of humiliation they can bestow a pond each other. 50 is the man at the top and he’s fighting to the death, just as anybody in his position should. You might not agree with how he doses it but you got to admit the dude refuses to lose. The music industry is full of thug and gangster these day and every thing you learned in the street you better bring it with you if you plane to be in this dog eat dog business. REAL TALK


Fu** all of your illiterate asses. You actually buy into this publicity stunt?


50 cent day coming! a nigga gonna murk that nigga! watch and see! GET ready for 50 cent B E T MEMORIAL SPECIAL!

hot dog

It takes a Real man too say sorry!It is hard out here!f?"ck what people think! that's whats wrong with people today!ps.get back together keep the movement going!one peace!

twinn tower$$

Grown ass men having a 1 on 1 convo, 50 like the little RatBitch that he is..records it with no sympathy then puts it out for everyone to hear! Must be time for a new 50 cent album to drop? I never liked 50 everything he does is bitter and always involves some sort of beef with other rappers. He couldn't have gotten this far without trying to take others down for his own glory...He sould be careful someone might finish him off with 12 shots.


HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait a minute, I just fell on the floor from laughing so hard. Hold on, let me get up............HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! What in the hell??????? All these clowns are not as hard as they act. I dont give a damn where you grew up or where you are from, stop tryin to act tough when you really are not. How can I believe any of Buck's lyrics from now on? How can you make be believe you really might kill somebody? Good night. He might as well start makin R&B music. His rap career is over.


50's a g , buck messed and payed the price, screw business it's all about 50 , he makes your carear , respect that or hell end it , 500000 gets money , buck who?


50 will get what he deserves in the end.

It's like he don't have no regard for a n*gga @ all. That's why he's having all this drama with him and his baby momma. Somebody gon put a bullet right in between his eyes if he keep f*ckin around like this. That's a filthy ass move he made.


50 make money? not of his own music.niggas last album was a flop and the next one will too. that bitch aint made no real music in years. he sell his image to bitches. And that nigga aint no G, thats y he live in connecticut! faggot ass nigga wont b caught in south side again cuz he wont cum out that bitch. real talk. If yous really knew bout dude you wouldnt call him a "G" he might make money of snake sh*t but thats about it

southside rep

Young buck is way sicker than 50 cent and when he leaves G-unit he is going to make some sick songs 50's a lil bitch that thinks he runs new york. Buck needs to leave just like The game cause they are the only 2 sick members out of G-Unit and with out The Game or Buck There only THE UNIT!

Billy Blonko

Ya'll niggaz are nothin' but lil bitches. I'm talkin' to all you motherf...s that think that if a man crys is less than a men. Young Buck, my men, I fell ya and I keep soportin' ya. 50 ain't nothin' but a f...g hoe. A men can cry, but that doesn't mean that his lyrics are a fake s..t or somethin'. I got you buck...keep it up.

Lil' Motherf...r

Tsk, tsk, tsk... Fiddy, Buck, and the whole G-Unit is nothing but a major label prop coopted by whitey to dumb down America and rob black culture of a real voice in the marketplace. There will be a whole lot more crying in the future.
Oh, yeah, isn't 50 Cent supposed to be retired now, after getting his ass kicked by Kanye West.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

young buck is a stupid ni66a for saying that 50 cent do not pay thats why the IRS is on his tail right now. never bite the hand that feed you. you hear everybody saying the same thing everybody was saying now you went and bit the hand that feed you now look at you owing the IRS thats a bitch. i think both of them should settle their problems like grown man. oh yeah buck do not make a song with elephant in the sand if you want to sell rec

AG crip

HA.. HAha... HA.... All the way to the bank!!!!!!




OMG!!! who woulda thoult that Young Buck one of the most gangsta person Woulda Start Baalliin hiss ass off on tha phone wit 50...That just goes to show that Aint nobody yew can trust with yuh personnal problems...But it's still funniehh...


HAHA did ya see mtv one blogger got fifty mad as hell
by saying it was a bitch ass move for the phone call check it's the link to the blogger

and is the mtv interveiw


50: the only people I know who wire tap peoples fone kalls, are the fukn police, wtf... and u klaim to be a real gangsta ass nigga, but yet u kikd the only 2 true gangsters out of ur group, game and buck. How many real thugs wire tap people on the fone, NONE. only snithes, rats, police, and states evidence
damn snitch!!

and now u wanna go at TI and Weezy.. to go along with hova and game... u trippn..the south aint havn that weezy and ti beef.

Brent Corley

G,s can cry too.

cut thoat

Ya kno..this is just like 50 and Smurf s--t. 50 bit the hand that fed him and turned his back on Smurf. Now he turning his back on Buck, despite what Buck did, 50 sounds like he don't care about that nigga at all. In my opinion, 50 cent lives only to look out for himself. Same with what he did to Game. He's only really got 2 niggas watching his back now, Banks and Yayo, if they left, 50 probably still would'nt care, he just wants his money. G Unit is flat out dead and he got the nerves to be beefin with Fat Joe. Look at Fat Joe and look at 50 and see for yourself who the bigger man is...literally. F--k 50 for even releasing this tape. That was some heartless as s--t, what nigga in they right mind tapes conversations, he's good at wearing wires, this here is the proof.

Boss Nigga

the diss young buck made killed 50 cent !
bitch ass niggas do bitch ass things look at what 50 do just to get fame!

gowdie boys !!

on some fa99ot bullisht! call him dennis Rodman!!


Ya Kno I have nothing against Young Buck.But I Think that he's trying to be Tupac.And the truth is every Rapper trying to be something their not.Most of these so-call Thugs
Rappers Probably never even seen a Gun let alone live in a rough nieghborhood.It getting to a point that anybody with a
Demo tape can be a the Music Industry with a drop of a Dime.
I don't want to think that Hip-Hop is Dead.But since Tupac and Biggie died every nigga trying to "come up".Now wheather 50 was wrong or not he did what was needed in his mind.Then again Young Buck wasn't in his right frame of mind nether.The Point is Most of these Wangstas Need to stop Bull**** and be honest to us.Because were the one that paying the price.We need to read a Book.

Eva Brown

50 cent is not a real g and never will... 2pac was the man and he stood for his niggas!!!!


Both this cats are sick..Ha Ha!


man u got 2 stay focus buck.we all do make mistakes but at the end of the day its u and 50 not u and 40 or u and 30 its u and keep it real bro

andre poyotte

Wow, 50 aint real man, doin everybody in G-unit wrong, supposed 2b his boys, wow


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