“Young Again” (Video)

    Indie rock’s favorite mopey frontman Paul Banks has a new video out today for “Young Again” off of his latest release Banks on Matador Records. The Sophia Peer-directed video interprets the song’s lyrics literally, placing the very grown-up 34-year-old Interpol singer in a somewhat stereotypical elementary school, complete with slow-motion tripping from bullies and good, old-fashion crushing of artistic dreams by a nasty teacher. But if you thought that the man who co-wrote Turn On The Bright Lights takes those harsh realities lying down, you have another thing coming. Banks dons his black sweatband and spends the last minute of the video pelting the kids at the school he “attends” with some expertly thrown dodge balls. Ruthless 8-year-olds take note: Banks doesn’t play around.

    Watch the video below: