“You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me” (Video)

    Under the moniker “Melody’s Echo Chamber,” French multi-instrumentalist/song-writer Melody Prochet creates whimsical, lackadaisical psychedelic-tinged pop tunes, and today she shares the video for “You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me,” one of the many highlights off her eonymous debut album.

    Directed by Matthew Saville in Perth Australia around the recording of the album, this clip not only perfectly conveys the music set to it, but also gives insight to Prochet’s world of sun-blinding, kaleidoscopic brilliance. The video features the musician singing through a hazy, sun-bleached filter, and as the day progresses we see the night bring with it a magical, firework-esque effect as Prochet rides her bike to nowhere in particular.

    Watch the magical video for Melody’s Echo Chamber’s “You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me,” below.