“You Might Think” (Cars Cover)

    Does anyone else have a problem with the idea of Cars 2? I mean, is it really necessary to tell the story of talking cars again, when the first one made no sense at all (not even for a Pixar movie)? I mean, so there are cars, and they can talk, and they race each other. Except there are kid cars? Because cars fuck each other and give birth to other cars somehow? Then there are semis and they hold other cars in their bodies, and then just let them out? And then cars end up being nostalgic for post World War II America, and learn the importance of small town living? Because that’s the message that our living automobiles would take from time spent in the real world? And also why doesn’t every car just race? Because why would you drive your Camaro ass down to a stadium to watch other cars drive? And there is somehow a second movie in this idea that cars can talk, and this movie involves British cars who are spies, because there are international organizations of cars? I’m willing to buy that there are monsters in every closet, but the logical jumps you have to make to make Cars make sense aren’t even worth it. It’s just totally unneccessary.


    Like this cover of the Cars’ (GET IT????) “You Might Think” by Weezer, which is on the soundtrack for Cars 2. There was a time when I would find this more offensive to my intelligence than a movie about talking cars, but that time ended when Make Believe came out. Listen below. 



    Weezer – You Might Think (The Cars cover) by Cover Me