“You Da One”

    The coverage of Rihanna’s new album, Talk That Talk, continues after we heard snippets of two of the project’s most anticipated tracks yesterday. Unlike those previews, though, we have the full stream of her new single, “You Da One,” some 20 minutes after it premiered on the radio. It’s just as playful as its predecessor, “We Found Love,” but we doubt the video treatment will be quite as, um, dark. This is as bright and as pop-heavy as RiRi gets, which means it’s sure to latch itself onto your brain and not let go. That shout-y hook? Lordy, even I, someone who typically doesn’t dig her material, can’t deny the sugary sweetness of the song. The dubstep-y portions are a little much, but that’s probably just going to make “You Da One” even bigger. Stream it below. Talk That Talk drops Nov. 21. [HuffPo]