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Yeasayer: "Ambling Alp" (Live on Fallon)


The guys from Yeasayer have hit the promo trail for Odd Blood, and played a couple of shows in New York City this week alongside up-and-comers Javelin and Class Actress. The band showed up on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night (Feb. 10) to play “Ambling Alp” from the album.


The song is one of the standout tracks on an album that has met with a mixed reception, and it sounds even better live, with singer Chris Keating getting his falsetto on and an extra percussionist helping to bash the song into shape. It’s just a shame that Odd Blood doesn’t have this many moments of musical inspiration.


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Agreed. I was not entirely blown away by the album. This is a high point.

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oh whatever, hipsters. this is a brilliant album top to bottom. get off your dirty animal projectors collective pedestals. also, "a mixed reception" is erroneous. check out the Metacritic score. all the important critics and publications gave it 8+ as reflected in the weighted score. only the stuck up pitchforks and pitchfork lites, like prefix, gave it any lower.


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