“Year Of The Ox”

    Each year, Canadian hardcore powerhouse Fucked Up logs another entry into their Chinese Zodiac-themed series of 12″ singles. Year Of The Ox is the latest installment, and much like its predecessors, it finds the band embracing its more out-there tendencies.

    The 13-minute title track starts with a string quartet and some shoegazey guitar textures before erupting into the herky-jerky pile of riffs that make up the bulk of the song. After taking a theatrical-sounding detour about halfway through, Zola Jesus’ Nike Rosa Danilova appears for her guest spot, engaging in a near duet with Fucked Up frontman Pink Eyes. Despite being part of their almost intentionally weird series of singles, it’s one of the more accessible ones to come to light, without sacrificing their trademark punk grit.


    The Year Of The Ox single is due out on Merge on Sept. 28. Give the title track a listen over at Pitchfork.