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Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "Heads Will Roll" (Passion Pit Remix) (Stream)

Here's another high-profile remix of a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song; up-and-coming electro-rockers Passion Pit re-do "Heads Will Roll," a song that is infinitely cooler when it involves a werewolf. Passion Pit's remix is Casio-heavy and twitched-out, but like 85% of remixes, it isn't all that interesting. It's not Animal Collective "Zero" remix bad, but then again, not much is. Stream it over at the Hype Machine


The remix is on a recently released 7-inch for "Heads Will Roll." The original is on Yeah Yeah Yeahs' It's Blitz, which is out now.   

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Screw you twice.

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I made him disappear.

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Awesome. pill=spammer assassin

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I missed this entirely. I thought Bangerzzz was the spam assassin.

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There's this dude who for the last two days kept posting Used (as in the terrible band) links in comments for stories not pertaining to the Used. He was the wurst.

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crap, i missed it.

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