“Y U Mad?” F. Lil Wayne (Live At Sucker Free Awards) (Video)

    Even though Young Money/Cash Money Billionaires took home the award for best crew at last night’s Sucker Free Awards, one crucial member of the collective wasn’t there for her performance. Well, OK, it wasn’t technically her gig, but Nicki Minaj does play a big role in Birdman’s new single, “Y U Mad?”. Lil Wayne does, too, so it’s good to see that he could at least make it out, though it would have been interesting to see if Minaj could pull off her Weezy impression in a live setting.

    I don’t doubt that she could have (and would have had she been there), but now the world will never know. That’s not true. She probably does that shit all the time in concert. Anyway, you can watch Birdman and Weezy run through “Y U Mad?” below. Also, WTF is Weezy wearing?