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XX Teens: Darlin' (MP3, Video)

XX Teens are certainly smart, both in terms in their intelligence and their smarminess. "Darlin'," the single off their upcoming Mute debut Welcome to Goon Island, has all the former kind of smart in their pulsating rhythm sectiom and booming guitar riff. The other kind of smart, the smart-ass kind of smart, hampers the rest of the track. I love me some Richard Hell and Pop Group, but Anthony Silver's use of that breed of dissonant, out-of-sync vocals distracts from the better parts of the track. And then there's the calypso steel drum, which turns an aggressive rock track into something much sillier.


The video for the track looks like a distorted version of a Nick Jr. show, or the live-action nightmares of parents who watch Spongebob with their kids. For a track that's already a bit too long, the video adds an extra minute of fluff, with an abused octopus-man and a dreadlocked sailor gawking at a goose drawing.The lip syncing here intentionally doesn't match up with the vocals.


Welcome to Goon Island comes out September 30 on Mute. The track listed for the debut is the following:


01. The Way We Were
02. B-54
03. Round
04. Ba (Ba-Ba Ba)
05. Onkawara
06. (Reprise)
07. Only You
08. My Favourite Hat
09. Darlin’
10. Sun Comes Up
11. For Brian Haw


Darlin’ (MP3)

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XX Teens

In case anyone’s interested, 7Digital are offering a free 320k MP3 of the XX Teens track ‘The Way We Were’ – click on the link below:

The album is also available as pre-order with the release being on Monday:


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