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WU LYF: "We Bros" (S.Maharba Remix)

With the single officially out there on digital retailers, it was only a matter of time before the other remix on WU LYF's Wu Bros single hit the web. Earlier today, we heard Young Montana?'s take and now it's S.Maharba's turn. The London-based producer has taken the rock-y fire out of the track and turned it into something you might expect to hear from the Brainfeeder or Stones Throw sect. It's a dusty slapper that sounds like it's taken a psychedelic trip through an amusement park. I think it's time more acts reached out to S.Maharba for remixes, don't you?

You can stream the remix below.

WU LYF - We Bros (S.Maharba Remix) by S.Maharba

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