“Written In The Drums” (Video)

    There are plenty to things you can learn by watching Skyzoo’s music video for “Written in the Drums,” off his mixtape-turned-album release, The Great Debater. For one, you just might realize how goddamn skilled he is on the mic and how well he can complement any beat that comes his way. In this case, you’re hearing him rap over the work of producer Swiff D, a talented dude in his own right who you likely know for his work with Pac Div. So take that as your second note: the fact that you should be keeping tabs on what projects Swiff D works on.

    After that, you’ll take notice of Skyzoo’s changing wardrobe, which hits its peak when he dons a Penny Hardaway jersey. Yes, even dudes in New York had love for the Orlando Magic in the ’90s. Hell, how couldn’t you? So there you have it, you’ve been educated on three things and grown to appreciate one of the year’s better free projects. Watch the video below.