“Wounds” (Unreleased Simili Life Version)

    While Coco O. and Robin Hannibal their second album as Quadron, they’re gaining plenty of momentum in the meantime. Jay-Z’s lifestyle website, for example, caught up with the duo for an interview and premiere of a new track, “Wounds.” Fans of Quadron’s self-titled debut might recognize elements of the track as it’s an alternate take of album track “Simili Life.” Whereas that version is an uptempo two-stepper, “Wounds” snakes along at a slower, far more languid pace. As a result, the focus switches from Hannibal’s grooving production to Coco’s strong, breathy vocals. It’s gorgeous stuff and will definitely keep us satisfied until we get the Quadron follow-up next year.

    You can stream and download the track below.

    Quadron – Wounds (Unreleased simili life version) by Plug Research