“Worm Tamer” (Live On Jools Holland) (Video)


    Grinderman’s debut album initially seemed like a way for Nick Cave to let loose some of the demons that couldn’t be contained on regular Bad Seeds songs. But its follow-up, Grinderman 2, is an entirely different beast. Cave and his cohorts have subtly shifted the band into new musical territories, while also including the kind of fun n’ filthy garage rock stompers that made that debut such a wicked treat.


    Here, they perform a version of “Worm Tamer” from that new record, which barely sounds like Grinderman have it under control, as wild guitar feedback pierces the song and Cave sounds in uniquely gruff voice. “My baby calls me the Loch Ness Monster,” croons Cave. “Two great big humps and then I’m done.” It may have taken a group of heavily bearded middle age men to do it, but this is proof that the great lumbering beast we call rock & roll is alive and well in 2010.